Widex Questions - Aikia, Inteo or Passion

Hi everyone,
I am new to this forum. I am looking into buying a new hearing aid this week (only have mild to moderate loss in right ear). The ones on the top of my list right now (and most recommended by my audi) is the Widex-m. In particular, I’m interested in the Aikia, the Inteo and the Passion (Passion being my #1 choice) - all of them the behind-the-ear style.

  1. I have to get ear wax drained by a doc every 4-5 months as none comes out on its own (something to do with the shape of my ear canal or something). Would that cause an issue with the Widex Passion considering the microphone is inside the ear (from what I understand anyway)?

  2. What are the major differences between the Inteo and Passion (besides the Passion being slightly smaller)?

  3. And what about the Aikia? My audi sells those for about $1000 cheaper than the Inteo. Would I be able to tell the difference?

Hope someone can help me with those questions!

I do not dispense widex but I have read the brochure…

The M series is the Mini bte series for all widex HI

I believe that the passion is a receiver in the ear, while the Inteo fits with a thin tubing. The Passion and inteo have the same DSP chip but the Passion
is a instrument with higher frequency response (goes to 10K) and smoother
frequency response. So the sound should be clear with the speech enhancer, I have heard good comments about it…

Aikia is a mid price instrument… therefore it should not perform as good as the Inteo and Passion.

From reading other posts on this forum, I have found out about Phonak Exelia. Would this be a better product than the Passion? How new is it?

Thank you.

I would say, the best out of instruments out there are

Exelia- Phonak, Epoq -Oticon, Pure - Siemens

They are wireless product, to be generic- most of them have coordination and sincronization capabilites. Meaning the 2 instruments works as one, they also have bluetooth capabilites so u can connect your PC, Celphone, Ipod, GPS and landline and TV…

I personally believe this are the best products out there, now which is better is a tricky question. I would pick the one that is well supported by a local audi. Having a good dispenser is quite critical…

Passion and exelia were launch last year EUHA Oct-Nove

Pure - was just release

Oticon epoq- exactly 1 yr ago

Thank you very much!! That helps. My audi’s website mentions they support all those brands but when I had my appt last Friday, he only talked about the Widex-m (Flash/Aikia/Inteo) and briefly mentioned Passion. So I guess I’ll need to have another talk with him to see if he has experience with the models you mentioned.

What brand is the “Pure” one?

pure was release by siemens…

To be perfectly fair … I believe the first time I heard about a wirless aid
it was from Hansatone (a small company that belongs to siemens)…

Siemens did introduce basic wireless intruments with features such as coordination and sincronization… (coordination- you turn the volume up both instruments turns the volume right?)

But their instrument had not bluetooth conectivity, the new instrument
i would think it willl put them @ par with competition

Well, I decided to go with Widex Passion. Pink ones!!
Getting them this Friday. :smiley:

I only read that behind the ear was important to you…I do understand your questions about Receiver in the Ear vs. ear wax issue.

But, I did not see you say Bluetooth was a feature you want or needed(streaming for Ipod,cellphone). Perhaps simple omission, but if it isn’t, then perhaps your options have opened up regarding a HA.

Before I go ahead and spend 3K on the Widex Passion, here is my audiogram:

Right ear (left is normal):

250 35
500 25
1k 30
2k 45
4k 50
8k 65

Speech audiometry (right ear):
30 75

Word Recognition (right ear):
% Level Mask
92 75 45

(Not that I know what any of those numbers mean…)

My audi said I am a good candidate for the open-ear mini BTE Passion HA. Just want reassurance…

(And I decided I don’t need the wireless/bluetooth technology as I only have hearing loss in one ear and it is mild to moderate.)

I posted about these under the Digital Hearing Aid heading, I have similar hearing loss to yours but in the left ear and last week I bought a Passion. I am truly impressed with the change in hearing. I was afraid it would sound distorted or at the very least like something a bit unatural. I forget it is there until I slip on a pair of reading glasses - thump.

The wire is so fine it is bairly visable (although I grew my hair out a bit in anticipation of getting a HA). So far so good. My only complaint is the little rubber tip slips out easily as I move about so I may need the larger size. I’ll get that squared away at the next visit to the audi. Good luck. George

Ps. I got the clear top with the grey bottom half - very techy

I ordered mine and getting it this Friday. I ordered the lime green one… :o

I’ll post here next week with my first thoughts on it. Glad to hear you are happy with yours!

Siemens Products seem to have the wireless coupling feature.
This seems handy to me, I can change vol or programs by touching one aid or the other.

My audiologist has offered to uncouple them for individual control but I like the connection feature and it seems to work well for me.

We did discuss Phonak because they have the most variety of remote devices and features. I said that I did not want to play with remotes or have to keep track of them…touching one aid or the other seems sure and easy.


Widex sent a strange green colored one (not lime green) and today I found out that they are not going to make the lime green one at all (some kind of manufacturing issue)! So going for my second choice (Meditarrenean Blue). And back to more waiting… :mad:

Bummer, the lime green looks fun (assuming HA’s can be fun) and it still is prominent on their web site. I’d guess you’ll be able to swap for it sooner or later. Still happy with ol’ grey + clear (although in person clear seems slightly frosted). - George

I actually talked to someone at Widex directly and that is what I asked, figuring I can just swap the cover down the road but she said it’s been completely scratched because of some material defect. But then again, they may be able to fix whatever issue they have (although by that time, I’ll probably be over my “lime green” phase anyway… :stuck_out_tongue: )