Widex Passion 440's - Issues & Questions

I have a set of Widex Passion 440’s (with remote, Zen program, etc). The are about 5 months old, my first set of hearing aids. Twice in the past week one has randomly changed programs. Last night, I was sitting watching football with my husband and the zen program just came on! The remote control was upstairs, no where near me. The week prior, it didn’t actually change program but randomly announced “standard” which is what it does when you change between programs. Any ideas?

I also get random noises - I’m guessing its some feedback. Nothing in particular seems to cause it. It’s a quick screech (not super loud or sharp sounding), for the lack of a better description.n Audi says some feedback is normal, no hearing aid is feedback free… I also get lots of whistling when anything gets near my ear. Is that normal? Again, audi says it is…

Has anyone else had issues with the Passion 440’s? I’m kind of having buyers remorse. I wish I had tried to the Otolens… The audi I used was very anti-Otolen’s when I mentioned them, told me they wouldn’t be comfortable at all. I sure wish there was a way to resell used aids or trade them in… I had tried the Lyrics but due to a small almost invisible perforation in my ear drum I had a fluid that built up between the ear drum & the Lyric.

OMG, I have been having the same kinds of problems, as well as it shifting randomly to a barely-there sound transmission. I thought I was going crazy. I have had both of them in the “shop” for shorting out or just dying, even with fresh batteries in.

I am now having the right one sounding like it’s been “blown” like a speaker would be blown. It is transmitting really fuzzy sound, so I am not even wearing it.

I’m so disappointed after paying so much for “state of the art.” I guess I need to research other types of HAs for someone like me with tinnitus and mild/moderate hearing loss. I LOVE them when they are working right.

I have a set of Widex Passion 440’s (with remote, Zen program, etc).

I am on my third year with Widex Passion 110’s and am very happy with them. I understand that there is now new technology with Bluetooth that allows direct communication with the cell phone and TV.
I had a new mic put in one of the units but aside from that have experienced no problems.
I live in Thailand where the service is limited but have an excellent Audiol who addresses my every problem and cleans the aids weekly for me.
My email is sanmyn@aol.com

Hi, in the past 7 years I had many attempts to try hearing aids, I had the chance to try many makes. Unfortunately I was never satisfied. There were always problems which I could not accept. Only recently I came along passion 110, with which I was very happy with respect to sound quality and “speech understandabilty”. Unfortunately this HA proved to have a big problem with feed back and another problem is that it would not block/reduce certain loud noises e.g. in a restaurant or other noisy places. After that I was given the chance to try the clear 440 also from widex, but very quickly I got rid of it, due to technical problems. My very patient and competent Acoustician recommended then the passion 440, which I am wearing right now and since a couple of days only (still trying them). I am again very happy with sound quality and the other technical features ( although I would also welcome a possibility of wireless connectivity to cell phone and other audio equipment, which the device does not offer). Unfortunately I am also experiencing the mentioned problems i.e. shifting programms on one device (not both together) without any given reason, frequent short whistelling sound (some kind of feed back) also without any specific reason. Yesterday one of the devices even switched off without any indication that the battery is low or is gone. Instead of changing the battery (which in fact was fresh) I tried and activated the remote control, shifted programs, all the sudden a number of beeps and the device was on again. I love these devices due to the fact that, they are for me the best, when it comes to sound quality and speech understandabilty. On the other hand it is frustrating to feel obliged to accept the mentioned (serious) weak points especially where the reason of wearing Hearing Aids is to improve life quality. Now and after 4 months of continuous trying the one HA after the other , I don’t know whetehr I should go back and buy the passion 110 with its major problem of feed back and poor nois reduction, and except the excellent sound quality does not offer any further technical feature (not to mention the price of several thousand USD).

I have the Passion 440’s and am very happy. I haven’t had them that long yet but so far very pleased. I’ll let you know if I start having some of the issues you are talking about. I did have the left one shut off for no reason the other day with fresh batteries. I just opened the battery compartment for a second and then all was good. Haven’t had that happen since.

I have had the widex passion 440s for one year and they are very good though background noise still can obscure someone speaking near me. Both units for no reason will sometimes shut off. I have mentioned it to my audiologist and she has no comment. I did not realize others were having the same problem. Ear pieces will not stay in, and now I am trying clear plastic concave cones, with anchors. They drop out too. I have been reading about Starkey’s otolens now called hearlens, I think. Does anyone know if this product would be better than Passion 440s: by the way the 440s are not invisible though Starkey claims their product is so deep in the canal, you can not see it. Any comments would help.

Hi all, Gosh i m shocked to hear all these complaints about the widex 440 (passion) I am in the process of buyng the widex clear fusion, new model out ,wireless. And I dearly hope I dont have these proplems.A costly investment.

Can some 1 out there reasure me ? PLEASE

L30 50 80 80 70 70 65
R 25 45 75 80 65 65 65

Hi Frances, I have tried the HA clear of widex and gave them up very quickly due technical problems. In my case they proved to be very sensitive as regards to their wireless features. They (at least in my case) reacted when other high frequency receivers/transmitters are operated closed to them. Also I experienced the sudden beep from time to time in the one or other device, without any aparent reason. This seems to be a common problem with widex passion 44o and clear ( I tried both).
Well it is not fair NOT to mention the excellent sound quality they offer. AT present I am wearing passion 440 on trial basis, I love them, but I am experiencing all the problems mentioned above.
After trying many makes, I will definitely stay with widex and most probably will go back to the passion 110 which in fact are basic but, as mentioned, offer the best audio quality.

Hi Hanewbi.

Thank you for replying, The fusion model is new out . I will give it a go ,at least now i have a fair idea what to expect … my audioligist feels with my hearing loss that these aids will give me the best help now and should my hearing deteriote these aids will be able to give me more gain.
Will keep ye all informed…


You should ask your audi to have custom moulds made for your passion 440s. This should stop the problem with them moving out of your ears.

I wonder if there is not something out there in your enviroments that is creating a frequency similar to that of the remotes and so causing the hearing aids to “change program” or “mute”.

I would suggest keeping the remote with you, and if the h/aids mute, then try pressing the remote and seeing if the h/aids activate again. If they do, then I might be onto something here.

Anyone let me know if you try this.

Also, has anyone sent their h/aid into the Widex lab for repair concerning this problem?

Andrew, What is the latest on Widex’s battle with the FDA? Any eta on getting the Widex 440 Clears approved?

Hi Lalo
I don’t now what you mean with FDA? But I’m in South Africa, so if it is to do with US approval, then I won’t now.

Hi, I am in the Uk and at the end of my tether with one of my hearing aids. It makes the short sharp whistling sound for totally random reasons. The other one is now okay, but the right one we have spent 10 months trying different things, have done a remould (ITC) but now worse. Feeling totally dejected as spent so much money but I always seem to have so many problems programming them. Is it pushing them too far as I have moderate-severe hearing loss and have ITC aids. Any advice please?

You might be at the limit of what the feedback manager can do. You might also have a dynamic ear canal that varies the amount of venting the aid has to cope with at various times. Although it’s often suggested that ITE aids can be used for severe losses, practical considerations tend to mitigate against the decision.

The 330 doesn’t have particular feedback issues, (I assume that the feeback-manager has been set) but they are prone to becoming unstable if the vent properties alter. The way to check this is to have a REM done while you are moving your jaw etc to emulate the feedback scenario. If it can be seen that a particular frequency is causing the problem (usually around 3KHz), it’s easy enough to adjust the gain there. Some people will suggest that this is a cop-out, but as long as you only adjust the specific frequency where the resonance occurs, it won’t have a dramatic effect on the overall speech performance.

These aids not approved?

They may not have been approved in March 2011.

Hi, we have tried doing a remould but it just occurs more frequently but quieter. I believe the frequency commonly known to cause issues has been adjusted. I have had the Widex Senso, Inteo and now these. I thought that after doing all the hard work getting the Inteos to stop making this noise (always more challenging in the right ear), I would get another pair made so I always have a back up. But by then the technology had changed and it has taken another 10 months and still not sorted. Even typing this causes it to do it, and noises such as when the hairdryer stops or a handdryer, and some really high frequency noises that I cannot hear. If I move my jaw or put my hand over my ear it does not do it, or if I use my muscles to push the aid slightly out of my ear. When I had the senso aids they only had 3 channels and the feedback manager would take 5 decibels off the high frequency and it would then be okay. Now I have the 16 channels it seems to be like trying to find a needle in a haystack and part of me wishes someone could just say “these are not right for your loss”, and that I could just get a pair and only have a couple of tweaks and they are right. My high frequency loss is the worst at about 70 db.

Hi tinky

You could try one of the following approaches to solve your problem:

  1. Get your audiologist to perform a new feedback test via Compass. During the test you should try opening your mouth or do whatever you have experienced generates the feedback noise.
    The hope is that Compass will sense the problematic frequencies and automatically turn them down, or at least that the feedback canceler will work better when the problematic feedback path is known.

  2. Try to hold the RIC wire with two fingers if the aid begins to make feedback noises. If this solves the problem, then you could ask for a longer RIC wire.
    The problem could here be that the wire is too stretched and thereby transmits the small movements of the receiver to the hearing aid. This may in some cases generate the feedback noise you have described.