Widex - PA115 v PA440

New to hearing aids. Just rid of denial as to my need.
My best friend is ENT. He referred to Hearing Aid center that he has faith in. This center is very Widex oriented.

Tried the PA115 for 2 weeks and since Monday I have been test driving the Mind440. (mid level v top shelf). No one seems to be able to offer any advice as to whether I should get latest technology (440) or go w/ the 115s.
Cost differential is $1200 w/ the 440s coming with the remote control.

Advise sincerely appreciated.

The PA115 is a “high-level” not mid-range device. Are you trying the PA440 or another Mind440 style? Other than the 440 having the newer computer chip, two of the main differences include the “zen” program; primarily designed to provide tinnitus relief; and the “smart speak;” which gives the user audible indicators like “battery low” etc. You can also get a remote control for the PA115, if you’d like. However, I find most new users end up leaving the settings alone once they are fine-tuned properly. Since you’ve been able to try them both, you ought to have a pretty good idea if there is a significant difference or not. They are both nice instruments.

Good luck.

Just curious why you didn’t try the Passion 440 which would be the same size as the Passion 115 but with enhancements (newer software). The Mind 440 is a larger-sized micro BTE.

If you think you will use wireless accessories, you may want to wait for the new Clear 440 which will be launched next month (but will be high-end, therefore priced accordingly).

There will be a model the same size as the Passion 115, but offer new enhancements plus a remote control and devices for connecting with a mobile phone and TV. From the promotional literature, it will offer the highest audio bandwidth compared to anything else out there, plus the best wireless performance (lowest delay of < 10 milliseconds).

There will always be a “new and improved” version coming out just around the corner, so it is up to you if you want to wait. Keep in mind though that the purpose of a hearing aid is to help you hear. The devices you have been testing certainly deliver in that regard. Only you can tell if one is “better” than the other in helping you hear.

If you are not much of a gadget geek, then I wouldn’t worry about the new wireless accessories. Of course, wireless technology is not just about accessories. With hearing aid to hearing aid synchronization and coordination, it is purported to enhance sound perception. My sense is, it will be some time before hearing aids can offer a significant benefit over existing sound processing until there is significant leap in processing power of the chips (without increasing power consumption). In other words, I don’t buy the sales pitch on this front quite yet. This is purely my opinion. Others on this forum I’m sure have another opinion.

Good luck with your decision. I know it is not easy. But you’ve taken a significant step in recognizing that hearing aids can improve your everyday life. I can certainly attest to that.

P.S. as for using a remote. I used one with the PA115 (which came with a remote) for about two months or so. Haven’t touched it since.

I am trying the PA440GY [same size as the 115]. Wore the PA115 for just over 2 wks and now have had the PA440 on for about 9 days. Not sure that I am able to tell that much difference.

I was told my loss is ‘mild sloping to moderate’

At this point not sure can justify the price difference.

I think I will ask to again try the PA115 just to make sure