Widex Moment whooshing sound

I have had my Widex moment 330s for about 2 months. When in the Zen program, I can hear a slight whooshing sound that is similar to my tinnitus. The audiologist adjusted it while I was in the office and I thought it had disappeared but when I got home I could still hear it. To use Zen, I turn the microphone off.

This background noise is most prominent with Zen, followed by Pure Sound and then Universal. Has anyone else had an issue with this?

Is it all the time or during periods of noise? Sometimes my Evokes make a little “shhh” sound when adjusting to constant sound but it quickly fades. If you have two is it in both? Another “shh” sound can be when the aid has a fault, but if it’s in both that is highly unlikely. Try keeping a diary of exactly when it occurs and be ready to describe it as accurately as you can. If you can’t resolve it ask your dispenser to feed this back to their technical support team for advice.

Thanks for your reply. “Shhh” is a better description of what I hear. It occurs all the time and in both ears. The Widex rep was with us and explained to the audiologist how to correct it. As I mentioned it seemed fine after the correction. I’m wondering if it’s possible for an justment to revert back to the problem.

Since I am new to hearing aids, I figured this was a normal sound to be hearing through the microphones. However, the universal setting is much quieter. Zen is supposed to be Universal plus the chimes so I shouldn’t be hearing this much noise.

If it was better and then started again when you left, it’s possible the change that corrected it wasn’t saved. If that’s not the case then it really helps if you make notes of exactly when it occurs, and when it is worse or better. Their technical support team will be very aware of all the software choices or behaviour and this helps to try and identify the route cause and suitable fixes.