Widex Moment firmware update causing random announcements

I INSTALLED THE Widex Moment firmware update a few days ago and now hear random left/right announcements from time to time, as if the aids are restarting. My audiologist can’t help- says all he can do is send them back. Widex customer service says they know about the problem and are working on a resolution. No idea when that will be. Tried the usual unpair/repair, deleted and reinstalled app. Nothing helped. Anyone else have this issue? Any ideas about a fix?


I have just downloaded the firmware update. I will monitor my Moment hearing aids and see if I get the same problem. Thanks for posting.

Talked to Widex. They’re still working in a fix. In the meantime, my audiologist turned off the announcements. Widex will notify him when there’s a solution.

I can confirm that this problem of random annoucements is happening for me with my Widex Moment 330s after I downloaded the firmware update on 22nd April.
Symptoms are: about 2 to 3 times a day I get an announcement. For the right ear HA it is the word “Right”; for the left ear HA it is the word “Left”. When I am running a hearing program such as “Music” instead of the default program “Universal”, then the hearing aid doing the announcement will revert to the default program.
My theory is that what is happening is that the hearing aid is randomly turning off and then restarting (in computerese the HA management program inside the HA is crashing and then rebooting)

I also have the Left\right announcements but not often, maybe once a day but, I do tend to keep my phone close. Using an iPhone sever which is bluetooth 4 I do have some streaming trouble where one ear will connect and maybe the other will connect after a few seconds or audio issues. I’m guessing this would be better with bluetooth 5.

Hi, Widex has just come through via the iPhone Widex Moment app to offer me a firmware update to my Hearing aids.
I haven’t applied the update. Does anyone know where to go on the Widex website to find out more about this firmware update?
UPDATE: I went to the Apple app store and checked on the Widex Moment app details there. There is a new version of the app (V1.2.10) and the What’s New section states:
“New firmware update correcting the issue where hearing aids are rebooting”

So looks like the fault has been fixed. However I am still nervous about downloading the firmware.
Has any brave person out there done this? If so, let us know the results.



My Moment hearing aids were running perfectly, I loved them so so much! But then the update came from widex and my phone automatically updated the app then my hearing aids. After that my hearing aids kept restarting, restarting and restarting… and restarting… boo hoo hoo… so so annoying!

In frustration searching for other experiences and problems I read this thread and decided to check for an update for the app on apple store and yes there is a new update (version 1.2.10(s)) firmware version 2.2.3). I have now updated the app and hearing aids, AND so far it appears to have fixed the problem… I will be so happy if its fixed, as these are my first hearing aids and they have given me my social life back when I’m in a crowd. so far so good!

Shane, thanks for the feedback about the update.
I hung back from updating my hearing aids for 3 days and then updated the hearing aid firmware on Tuesday. So far it seems to have fixed the problem of repeated announcements (fingers crossed) as they no longer occur.
The Widex Moment app (latest version) has a new option in the Intellisense menu where the user will now be offered recommended settings for the current listening environment - this has the mobile phone accessing the Internet so the app can send a sound sample taken from the hearing aids to a Widex server which analyses the sample and then sends a couple of recommended settings back down to the app for the user to check out, and select which one works best. I used it in a cafe in Auckland and it worked well for my situation. I saved the settings as a new program and reused it successfully when I revisited the same cafe yesterday.

Well after 5 days with my Widex Moment hearing aids on firmware 2.2.3 I can report that the original problem has NOT been fixed. What has been done is to reduce the frequency with which the hearing aid firmware app does a restart - it is now down to about once every 2 days instead of about 2 to 3 time per day.
To my embarrassment I know this type of “solution” from my time working in IT. The team I worked in supported a software app that was stopping and re-starting randomly about once a day. The team couldn’t find the cause of the fault so instead work was done to reduce the frequency of the re-starting down to about 1 or 2 times a week. This reduced the annoyance factor to the users. The re-start problem with the app was finally fixed when the team completely rewrote the app (which was $$$ expensive).
It seems to me that Widex may now be in a similar situation as regards the firmware app for the Moment hearing aids.

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Mine were shutting down before the most recent update and continue to do so. Obviously not fixed.

I updated my audiologist via email with the fact that the 2nd Moment HA firmware update had not fully fixed the announcements problem and that I had independent confirmation from GS023, and asked her to forward the email to her Widex rep…
She got back an email where the rep confirmed the continued existence of the problem and that Widex developers are continuing working on the problem resolution.
This type of intermittant problem is hell for software developers as it’s difficult to easily reproduce the problem for testing purposes.

Just got the same confirmation from our Rep. They are working on a new update atm to fix the problem (again).

Wondering if anyone is thinking this annoyance is worth ditching these hearing aids for something else and if so what? Im still in my 30 day trial period.

I too am experiencing the frequent random reboot and periodic random program name announcement in one ear or the other.

Currently my setup is Widex Moment iPhone App 1.2.0 (10), HA Firmware 2.1.42

It seems to me (also being a data guy) since I have Data Sharing turned ON Widex should be able to (a) correlate occurrences of the events with firmware logic and (b) trace changes to the previous (April) firmware to see what is causing the reboot process

I’m also experiencing a separate issue of random Bluetooth disconnection and automatic reconnection during phone calls and other streaming to the HAs, one ear or the other or both. my daughter has also complained of the same thing with her Apple wireless earbuds so must be a Bluetooth or MFI issue.

Third on my mind is periodic garbled reception by the HAs when answering a phone call. My “fix” seems to be consistently effective when I switch the call to iPhone speaker then back to HAs - HA reception becomes perfectly clear

As others have said, Thr firmware update has not totally fixed the problem, although possible less frequent

I’m keeping track,

• [2021 06 05] - updated app (1.2.10(5)) and firmware (2.2.3) [10:03 AM]

• [7:32pm] Streaming only went to right ear (left HA disconnected)during which left hearing aid turned itself off then rebooted and announced “Left” and connected to the Bluetooth streaming content

• [8:57 pm] right hearing aid turned itself off then rebooted and announced “Right”

Maybe certain events are triggering this but it never happens to both hearing aids at the same time with mine

App 1.2.10(5) and firmware 2.2.3
Wydex 440 continue to have occasional reboots (phenomena described above). Seems like it is more frequent when I go away from the iPhone, probably out of or at the edge of Bluetooth range. Sometimes left one, sometimes right one. Not both at the same time. When I have my phone with me, it hasn’t happened that I remember.

I have exactly the same problem and after I got replacement hearing aids, the fall out continue… so Widex software is not as it should be.’.
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