Widex mind m4-9 versus Phonak Naida V - help please?


I am new to this forum but I have already learned a lot from reading through some of the threads. What a great resource!

I need to replace my hearing aids and I’m trying to decide whether to try the Widex mind m4-9 or Phonak Naida V. My Audiologist didn’t recommend one over the other… I’d love to hear from anyone having experience with either or both of these aids, or any knowledge or suggestions that might help determine which would be best for a sloping high frequency hearing loss. I really struggle to understand speech, especially in noisy situations. The Bluetooth features of the Phonaks would be nice, but sound quality is the most important consideration for me.

Any input would be very much appreciated!! Thanks!

Audiogram Results:
0250Hz L15 R15
0500Hz L20 R20
0750Hz L30 R30
1000Hz L45 R50
1500Hz L60 R70
2000Hz L65 R75
3000Hz L70 R85
4000Hz L80 R90
8000Hz L90 R95