Widex mind 440 CIC vs BTE

New to the forums here - have been reading and researching a lot as I am in the market for new aids. I’ve been going to the same audi for the past 18 years so I’m very comfortable working with her - she listens to my questions and is open to make adjustments as needed. I have always worn widex aids. For 10 years I wore Bravo analog aids. They were the full shell type and I was happy with them. They starting needing repairs about 5 years in and I repaired until it was no longer feasible. I then upgraded after 10 years to 2 more full shell bravo digital aids. These lasted about 5 years and the left one completely died at 6 years. So I went 2 years without a left aid. I have been saving and was ready to move up to premium aids. Last Thursday I picked up my 2 CIC mind 440 aids. I must say that they do sound very natural - I can use my cell phone, office phone, blackberry - even headphones while wearing them. I did find that the left aid was digging in and making my canal very sore. The audi suggested a new mold and she fitted me for one last Friday and I am waiting for it to come in. She told me the challenge is that my left canal is very tight. I’m wondering if I should switch to the BTE model for comfort. I’m also not thrilled with the CIC because I feel pretty plugged up wearing it. It has only been 4 full days since I got the aids so I’m wondering if this will go away. Keep in mind that I only got to wear the left one for 1 day. I’m only wearing the right one now until the left comes back. She gave me 30 days on paper, but told me that she would work with me until I found aids I liked. I like these only I’m a bit worried about the comfort factor. Will BTE’s be more comfortable? I really wanted to try the open fit aids but she said my loss is too much in the low end for open fit. Anyone care to comment on CIC vs. BTE? I paid $6000 for the 2 aids so I want to be SURE they are right. Thanks for any input you can provide.

25 people read this and no one has a comment on CIC vs BTE? Hard to believe. Oh well - I have an appointment next Tuesday to discuss with audi. The right aid is killing me - can’t seem to leave it in much longer than 4 hours. Taking it out for a few minutes does seem to provide another 4 hours of use.

My Mom just purchased a Widex CIC in April. I am sure her choice had alot too do with her perception of how hearing aids look . Mom is not new to aids and has never worn anything but a CIC. I have never had her complain about the comfort to me although i remember the audi telling her that could be an issue and that he could correct that if needed.

As to your question . Why not just try a set of Widex Mind BTE and form your own opinion ? At $6000 you sure are entitled to an opinion and some GREAT service from your Audi . She owes it too you ! Try the BTEs and have her set the CICs aside . If she tells you there is not enough time because you need to make a decision on the CICs then tell her you want your money back and she can also have the CICs back . Her attitude will change immediately with a set of Mind BTEs to try and an apology from her.

ps " I paid $6000 for the 2 aids so I want to be SURE they are right." You should have never paid in full for a Trial . A deposit is only fair of course but paying in full before your Trial is up and no decision made is not fair .

I guess I should have pushed the deposit issue but she was confident that the CIC would work. Today I had to remove the CIC’s after 4 hours due to discomfort. I have an appointment Tuesday and will insist that I try another pair of BTE. What I REALLY want to try is some kind of open fit but I don’t think from what I read that it will correct all of my loss (low frequencies). THANKS for the information.

I agree with BlackMamba’s observation about paying in full at the time of trial for most of us, however, you’ve been with this audi for 18 years. It’s doubfull that you’ll have concern about getting your money back.
If the CICs don’t work out.

I would definately try the BTE!!! (before your ear gets too sore that nothing will feel right!) Since your not a cadidate for open fittings, try a closed or tulip dome openfit. One of those would most likely get you thru the assessment phase and give your ear time to return to normal (if it’s bruised or raw).

If you like the BTE, but the closed or tulip domes don’t work out, you still have the option for a custom mold… a custom mold that might be able to be made from a soft or semi-soft material that would be more comfortable for your ear. Something to talk to the audi about.

I don’t know your motivation behind your preferance for a CIC. In my opinion, the tiny BTE offered by today’s technology look more like high end bluetooth gadgets for cell phones/ipods than than they do HAs.

It was her idea as that is what she wears. We were going to do a BTE but she said her CIC’s are so comfortable she forgets she has them in. So, I thought I’d give them a try. I should have known better as in the past I could not use “earbuds” as I always thought they were uncomfortable. As to looks - the micro BTE are very tiny and at my age I am not worried too much about looks. I just want to be able to hear and have comfort.

I don’t know about the original poster, but having aid both CICs and BTEs for almost 40 years, I think I prefer the CICs. But then, I’m using the custom molds with my Phonak Audeo YES IXs, so they’re basically a combination CIC and BTE…:stuck_out_tongue:

If the Exelia Arts had come out before my Audeo trial period had ended, I would have asked to try those CICs first, considering they’ve got the same features available. Not that I don’t like my Audeo YES HAs - I do!

I wear Widex Passion-115 and find it extremely comfortable, discreet and highly effective in a wide range of soundscapes. Suggest you give the Mind micro-BTE a try. The open-fit may work for you as well, so talk to your audi. It’s a lot of money to spend, so don’t take the CICs if they are uncomfortable…they’ll end up as drawer-wear.

Anyone have any idea if canal is better/worse than BTE for tinnitus + hearing loss? I think the canal aid shielded me from noises better, which is what activates my tinnitus.

I went back to the audi today and I got fitted for the mind 440 micro BTE (m4-m-cb). Due to my low frequency loss we are going to use custom molds. We tried several different tips with a passion-115 as that was also a possibility. As I was happy with the quality from the mind 440 I decided to stay with that model and just switch to BTE. I can only keep these CIC aids in for 4 hours before I start to get an ear ache. It’s just not comfortable. She said it may be a fitting issue and was willing to redo the CIC, but we went ahead and ordered the micro BTE as I would really like to try these. We also discussed open fit and with my low frequency loss I would be missing out on some of those frequencies with the open fit. To me it didn’t make sense to buy something that would not be able to give me benefit across all frequencies. It will be about 2 weeks before I get these. In the mean time I just take out the CICs every once in a while and give my ear a rest.

I wear a custom tip/mold in my left ear. Not sure what they make these tips with but i find it very comfortable . So much so that i would even consider one in my right ear .

I just wanted to post an update for those following my saga of the new widex mind 440s. Today I went back to the audio as the “remade” left CIC aid was back. She said it will be another week until my molds are in for the BTE’s that I will also be trialing and that I could use this as I really need 2 aids. She went to put the aid in and it was a tough fit - it was very uncomfortable. She even mentioned as she put it in that she did think it was right. She said that she did not want me to wear it as the fit was so bad - but get this - she could not get it out. It was that tight. She had to go and get a pair of tweezers to get it out. I guess I really do have small canals. So now we are waiting for the molds to come in for the widex micro BTE 440-m-cb. She said these molds are made of some kind of soft material and should be comfortable and that my voice should sound more natural. We will wait and see I guess.

Please keep us posted. I have just ordered a pair of mind 440’s in the non-micro BTE, coming from the Flash CIC. I’d love to hear how it is going for you, if you are able to keep us all posted. Thanks!

Will do - they should be ready next week. And I can’t wait. I’m only wearing one aid now (right side) so it can REALLY difficult in noisy situations where the noise is on the right. I’d also like for you to keep us up to date on your new aids.

I picked up my new micro BTE mind 440’s today and am very happy with the fit. What a difference. My own voice also sounds much more natural with the BTE vs. the CIC. I did notice a couple of things but either I will adjust or perhaps the audi can adjust. There seems to be much more wind noise with the BTE vs. in the canal. I am sure that this is common due to the mics not being in your ear and sheltered, but I think she can adjust for this probably. The phone will take some getting used to also as the with the CIC you just used the phone as normal. I find that with the BTE I tend to have to hold the phone a bit different than I would normally (keeping the ear piece above the ear a bit near the mics). This is not always necessary - it depends on the phone. The mind micros do not have t-coil, but I believe the non micro does (I guess due to size issues). The audi mentioned this today and said if it bothered me I could try the non-micro. The ones I have are the only ones that have the clear band technology so I’d prefer to stay with them. I also got the rc4-1 and I am amazed at the difference. I tried the “comfort” program at work when I was in a meeting today and wow! The overhead exhaust fans cut out as did all the background noise. I upped the volume a bit and was able to hear everything! This remote only allows for one other program so I went with the music program and tried it in the car on the way home. To be honest it doesn’t work well in the car because then the background noise is too loud. I tried it again at home and it was like listening to music via headphones - I could hear all the various instruments, etc. Very pleased with it. The audi is ordering the RC4-2 as that has 5 programs available. I think with time and tweaking these will work out for me. I’ve only had these about 12 hours so it’s difficult to see what will need tweaking. But I guess the main thing is that for me the BTE seems to be a better fit over the CIC. The one draw back that I can really see is that with CIC’s they do seem to be more secure in your ear. As this just sits on my ear it feels like it could fall off. I think that is more of a perception, but I wouldn’t want to be out on a bike with the BTE micros, but with the CIC I felt no such feeling. I have posted pics in the gallery if you are curious.

I really like the set of Minds i tried but in the end i purchased a set of Dual Connects. The set you are trying now were the very best of all the Widex product i had an opportunity to give a try.

The latest in the saga - went to audi today and explained my major problem of not being able to use the phone with the mind 440s BTE. I told her of my interest in an open fit but the 440 would not work open with my loss. So we moved off the widex line and went to the ReSound Azure AZ71-DVI with an open dome tip. VERY comfy, VERY natural - and I can hear the phone without using the telecoil program. I think these will be a keeper. My one complaint is that some men’s voices sound like they kind of reverb. It’s a hard thing to describe but it’s annoying. These also don’t seem to have as much “noise level” as the widex. On the widex all noises seemed overally loud which was very annoying. I’m liking these new aids.

How do CICs compare with BTEs regarding speech perception? Have any studies been made on this?

Can someone comment from his or her experience with CIC vs BTE in terms of speech perception?

how much did you pay for the widex 440’s? i am about to get charged 6000! I just dont know if i need these expensive aids or not. i tried the reSound live ts, and they seemed to be as good speech wise, but the tinnitus was definitely more noticeable. they were going to be $4000

I’m not sure if this was directed to me or not, but the widex 440’s were $6000. I ended up not liking them because I could not use them with the phone (I think I commented about that earlier). My audi swapped them for the resound azure and they were also $6000. I think my audi charges the same price for any of the high end HA’s.