Widex launches the world's first machine learning hearing aid: Widex EVOKE

It does sound interesting and seems to be a different approach to possibly dealing with some problems that HA users may run into. I don’t pretend to understand how it works but if it does I think I would be interested in these. Glad to see this and hope we can see some results soon.

I see there is an ad for a trial for the Widex Evoke and to sign up. Is that the same as going to your audiologist and asking for a trial? Maybe I can use the trial to find a new audiologist. I wonder if they are much better then my Widex from a few years ago.

It sounds like a positive development. I’ve written software that learned user preferences over time. It can be very beneficial. You may not get anywhere that would be different than you would with manual adjustments, but you may get there quicker.

Sometimes I think we may exaggerate the value of our subjective opinions. Sure, we know whether it feels better or not, but maybe that doesn’t always translate into better speech discrimination. What feels good and what is really good for us may not be the same thing.


For the record, Widex has stated that their machine learning tech improves listening comfort and subjective sound quality, but so far no measurable impact on speech recognition.

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What is with their com-dex…mono? Screw that

I’m new but have read hundreds of posts including this one. State an update gives stereo and aptX.

I’m in the early demo phase so far, but Widex Beyond is one of my short list working with a great Aud.D.

Stereo now. https://youtu.be/zk-XEWFOsZ0

Get your specialist to update it.

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@skyemac11 - Com-Dex in stereo?! Ooh. This will be fun.

I noticed the “update video” is a couple years old. Do you know where I would look for instructions on determining the current firmware running on my com-dex (mine <2 years old)?

Hopefully my device has NOT received the update. A bit more reliable of a connection to my phone as well as stereo would be a welcome addition - especially as I recently upgraded from C4-PA to U4-PA.

As for the Evoke, I’ve tried to muddle my way through their marketing material and I’m pretty bamboozled. My sense is that this is either a great leap in technology that has enormous potential for the end user or a great leap in marketing that won’t change all that much except maybe make the Beyonds and the Uniques a bit less expensive.

Even though I’m very fond of Widex, my cynical gut thinks it’s more hat than cattle. I’ll keep an open mind from the sidelines as more adopt the new device and the crowd-sourced data pool increases.

My Com-Dex is 2 years on, so go for it. Make sure
you have Windows computer. As for the newest Widex offerings… I’m a year or so away from getting new ones. I’m not sure it will make a huge difference for me.

Also with the update the volume increases when you press and hold the side button. This is another great feature. The overall volume level is much louder.

Volume control on the actual pendant? Okay, sounds like I do not have the new firmware (no pun intended).

The instruction video showed the process with a Windows computer. Will it not work with a Mac?

Actually, I do have a Windows machine. I can boot my Mac as a windows computer for just this sort of process. I think I even have the exact same operating system as shown in the video.

But I’d still rather just do in MacOS. Alas. First-world problem.

I’m exclusively MacOS. I had to use /borrow a Windows computer to do the update. I think most HA device programming is done on a Windows OS.

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I just picked up my trial of the Evoke today and can compare directly with the Opn 1 (also on trial so no confirmation bias here). Curious to see how this goes! I already love the app.

My audiologist said she wouldn’t give it to anyone who wasn’t adept at smart phone/app using and also that she would only prescribe to someone who was pretty in tune with their hearing (I’m a musician) because she thinks it’s almost too customizable by the consumer for most users


So they are available in Canada now. Glad to see that. I’ll be very interested to follow your trial as I’m upgrading/renewing soon.

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Not sure if it appropriate to post my thoughts on a new thread since I’m new to hearing aids, only wear one, and have a very unusual loss type. That said, I haven’t seen anyone else comment on it directly yet

Other brand/model threads go on for hundreds of posts with a few little deviations here and there. No reason why you can’t provide your thoughts here.

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Today’s interview with Widex here:

Captions on the way

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And what does every hearing aid manufacturer do now? They all have their own nuances and particularities based on some type of data on which they then offer a fits all product that they market as the Cat’s Ass. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using real world data gleaned from potentially many, many thousands to modify firmware. And in this case you never lose the option to use Sound Sense to modify your program to your personal tastes anyway. And if one doesn’t like the whole idea there are at least 5 or 6 other major brands from which to choose. And I’m not picking on you Volusiano. Your quote is not unlike others it was just brief and succinct.

And then there is KenP noting that “It is looking like the sales department was very involved in the idea.” REALLY? And who is responsible for the propaganda put out by Oticon, Phonak, Starkey, Signia, et.al.? The R&D department?

“Aids aren’t all that good in deciding what the actual environment is.”

And isn’t that the very idea behind SoundSense technology? Now maybe it will work and maybe it won’t but I don’t see much validity in the concerns expressed here.


All I know is that everyone is different. Even with the same hearing loss, we are different, we are use to different sounds, different languages, we have had the hearing loss for a different amount of time. This all adds to what makes us up as individuals. And like they say there is no one size that fit all like they would have us to believe.

Bingo. And if there was wouldn’t it be boring? And it would surely eliminate some of the fun we have here. It’s only unfortunate that we have to gather around the loss of something so vitally important to us all.