Widex launched a new wireless fitting programmer WIDEX PRO LINK

PRO LINK MAKES EVERY FITTING EASY Wireless PRO LINK is the manageable fitting device you can count on, allowing you to put the client in focus, right where they belong.

The programmer applicable to all Widex hearing aids, It is available at fitting software Widex CompassGPS 2.5.4130.0, I believe it is also available in Widex Compassv5.9.2 B5941.
It is a programmer made for ipad, Widex maybe allowed to have a fitting hearing aids by ipad.

Widex seems to be headed in the opposite direction from industry standard Noahlink Wireless. While others are abandoning their proprietary wireless programming devices, Widex is announcing a new Widex PRO LINK proprietary wireless programming device.

And no news about Widex certification of Noahlink Wireless.

It’s not good news for diyer,Widex programmers are expensive and hard to get.

Indeed…Just spot one Pro Link offer on eBay asking for AUD750 (around USD500)…while NoahLink Wireless can be obtained for around USD175…that’s more than double…

Apart from eBay are there other place where I can find supply of Pro Link?