Widex Inteo IN-9 BTE

I have severe hearing loss due to Otoclerosis in my right ear and mild loss in my left ear. Although I am a candidate for surgery the ENT suggested that I give an aid a try first.

I’ve gone to see an Audiologist and am now trying a Widex Inteo IN-9 BTE with a full mold in my ear with severe loss. Apparently, I have to utilize the BTE with the full mold due to the severity of my loss particularly with lower frequencies.

I’m on my first day, but it seems to be working fairly well so far, and I’m sure it will improve as I get familiar with wearing an aid and adjustments are made.

I have three questions:

  1. Does this aid offer the latest technology?
  2. Are there any other aids that I should try?
  3. Any advice for adjustments to deal with boardroom meetings to limit echoing?

I look forward to your posts!


My audigram is:
250, L-30 R-75
500, L-35 R-85
1000, L-25 R-75
2000, L-40 R-80
3000, L-30 R-50
4000, L-30 R-45
6000, L-35 R-45
8000, L-25 R-40