Widex Inteo,comments on various styles

I have had a Widex Inteo for the past two weeks. I have the in the ear model. I suffer from severe high frequency hearing loss and am amazed at what I am hearing. Yet, I am unable to talk on home and cell phone comfortably, unable to hear and unable to comfortably listen to headphones that cove the ear. I am wondering if anyone who suffers from high frequency g loss has had success with behind the ear models with open molds or what my choices would be benifical for me due to the severity of my hearing loss? Note: this is my first hearing aid.

Hi snaggletoothj

I’ve been using a pair of Phonak microEleva, open fit BTE aids for about 3 month now (also my first set of hearing aids) and am pretty happy with them. Very comfortable and virtually invisible. I also wear glasses, so when I’m on the phone, I can sometimes feel the hearing aid move around against the bows of the glasses. They don’t get pushed off my ear or anything, they just move around, especially if I need to press my ear hard against the receiver. No problems with clarity. I’ve never used a T coil. I can’t use over the ear headphones when I’m wearing HAs, because I get too much feedback, but the only time I listen to music with headphones is when I’m at the gym (using ear buds and an MP3 player), and I take the aids out then.

For me, if the hearing loss is within the range of an open fit hearing aid, I don’t know why anyone would chose anything else. If it’s outside what open fit can correct, I’d still go with a BTE and a micro ear mold. They won’t make your hearing perfect again, but they will make it better.


My first aids were Widex Diva ITE aids 6 years ago, and I had no problems using a Bose QuietComfort headset with them, without any feedback. I use a Plantronics headset with a foam earpiece that sits on one ear for work concalls, and no issues there, either, with the Widex ITEs or BTEs, America Hears ITEs or BTEs, and most recently the GN Resound Pulse or dot 30 aids.

I no longer own the Bose QuietComfort headset, so I can’t see if its over the ear cups would work with my dot 30s. I have no doubt that my QuietComfort 3 headset, with it’s on the ear configuration, would work fine.

Like Dag, at the gym I take the aids off and use earbuds; I use either Apple or Bose earbuds with my iPod nano.

The nice thing about open fit BTEs is that I an use an in ear Bluetooth headset or wired earbuds with my iPhone, with the hearing aids in as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

But if you’ve only been using aids two weeks, you may need more time for your brain to adjust, like I did first time out.

Been wearing Widex itc for a couple yeras just tried inteo m bte and audibel 1200 bte. Much less stufineess with bte, Widex great sound, ear tubes just didnt’ fit and keep coming out of ear. Audibel very comfy but sound no where as good as widex. Any suggestions-should I try the Widex inteo itc?

Hi seg615

If you’re really happy with the way the Widex HAs sound, work with your Audi to get the tubes right. The tubes on my Phonak microElevas have a little tail that rides in the concha, to help keep them in place. Perhaps there is something similar for the Widex. Your Audi may be able to re-form the shape of the tubes to make them fit better. If you have an instrument that sounds good, don’t give up on them!