Widex HAs with a Fuel Cell instead of using batteries (rechargeable or regular)

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I was watching this video [https://youtu.be/KHCX4z9HguQ?t=290] dated 23 Apr 2018 and the guy from Widex here mentions the introduction of Fuel Cells into HAs as a replacement of batteries … This would obviously be a MASSIVE step forwards for the power longevity and usability of any HAs and would revolutionise the industry over night!

So - has anyone heard where things with this technology stand atm? Is this coming any day ‘Soon’? Given that this was intimated as being a few ‘months’ away, it has been a good 9 months since that video was released? I’d love to know more on this if anyone cares to share their thoughts?

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It would seem that there are challenges and it could be some time. Here are a couple of (older) links:

If heat is generated (along with electricity), that could also be a challenge.


Two very interesting articles!

Thank You!

I predict we’ll be hearing more about this soon :wink:

Possibly an Oticon update as it’s coming up on their two year platform update? Maybe around March…?


When you think about it, zinc-air batteries are kind of similar to fuel cells.


They are…

One of the articles that Lou1 provided the links to all but said exactly that, as it is using oxygen from the air in the same way that a fuel cell would. :slightly_smiling_face:

Widex has now announced this formally with a Summer 2019 availability date. . .

Press release:

Marketing page:

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Can I wait 6+ months for these to go on sale??? Ummm. Probably Not. But WoW! what a great bit of news!
Who bought shares in Widex then???


Still mostly hype until we get real user reports.

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Uh, methanol?

I misread methane, not methanol, as Emily Litella said, “nevermind”.

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yarrowgordon - Agreed - but I’m guessing that they have this mostly nailed down with a prototype that works and are just scaling up for mass production…

Still - wrinkles don’t come out initially so watch this space…


LoL …:laughing:

Just wait until the first first pair catch fire for some reason. I’m guessing that the methanol fuel compartment is tiny (a couple hundred micro-litres) but it still has the capacity to go “Puff!” Certainly the refuelling canister can…

Methanol fuel cells are allowed on airplanes.

Hi Yarrowgordon,
I suspect there will be a bunch of such conditions where you can and can’t use these FC hearing aids… but I suspect that they will be no more restrictive than the current battery op HAs (flammable manufacturing environments etc that prohibit the use of electrical devices in the area).
Until they come on the market and we see the real pros and cons - its a bit of a guessing game. See what happens with the early adopters…Hopefully by the time I need another pair of HAs the wrinkles will have been ironed out :smirk: