Widex HA connection not possible with IOS 13.1.2

I purchased WIDEX HA’s last year and switched to an iPhone (8 pls) to get connected to them. Yesterday my phone upgraded to 13.1.2 and immediately I am no longer able to reconnect to them after I seleceted “forget this Device”. I do this routinely, but it no longer wporks. At the Hearing AIds section of setup (under Accessibility), it just shows Searching… but now, with 13.1.12 upgrade, it never completes. I can no longer connect. Has anyone a fix for this?

Turn on btvfirst only then forgot pair an pair you done

btvfirst? Sorry - do not recognize this term.

secondly,I had Already “Forgot device” and that is when the problem started - trying to get them connected once more

Thanks so much for the reply…

Most likely issue is bugs in the 13.1.2. I am hoping they will release 13.1.3 soon as I can’t keep my WiFi connected. It connects but then drops out later.

On your pairing, I take it you are pairing in the MFi on your phone? With my aids (KS8) I have to pair first to MFi and then second to the Smart Direct App. The instructions with the aids say to take them out and put them right beside the phone when pairing the first time to MFi. Not likely to work but perhaps worth a try.

My goodness - the “fix” was simple. Second time I got fooled by this. JUST REBOOT the PHONE first.

I restarted the iPhone and the connection worked immediately, as expected.