Widex Evoke connectivity to Windows 7

Hi all, I have a new pair of Widex Evoke loaners I’m trying to evaluate. I would like to stream directly from my Windows 7 laptop to the aids. My Bluetooth Settings wizard doesn’t discover them. Is there an application I need to download to my computer, or is additional hardware required to stream directly from my Windows computer to the Evokes? Thanks in advance.

Windows 7 was bad about needing a device drive as it used an older version of Bluetooth. You may not be able to get your aids to pair

Does the Widex connect directly without an additional device?

It is normally easier buy a Sennheiser bt500 or bt800 dongle than to try to hunt down drivers for obsolete laptops.

Then you can move the dongle around to other computers and your device is already paired and ready to go.


Thanks, Don & cv. I am so glad I found this forum; I’ve spent so much time searching the internet for support (to no avail) for my older hearing aids that used a UDirect. There is a surprising lack of trouble-shooting information about hearing aids from the user perspective. The manufacturer’s documentation is also disturbingly lean. Every audiologist should advise their clients that hearingtracker.com provides an essential service via a robust interactive community of educated, experienced, helpful users.

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From what I understand the Evoke’s use bluetooth low energy which is very different to normal bluetooth. It’s also based on Apple’s MFi specification for bluetooth so it’s quite likely that even if you have a laptop/computer/usb dongle which supports low energy modes, they may still not pair. I haven’t tried this with a chipset/dongle that supports low energy so can’t say definitively.

You could use a COM-DEX or TV PLAY (bluetooth to the COM-DEX, or 3.5mm/optical to the TV PLAY) but based on the questions you probably wanted a direct connection without an intermediate device.


“… you probably wanted a direct connection without an intermediate device.”
That would be my wish, but my understanding is that I will need a COM-DEX/equivalent external device to connect to my TV anyway, so it’s something I would anticipate purchasing. Right now, I’m just exploring the versatility of this model so that I fully understand its capabilities before I commit.
Does Windows 10 (vs W7) offer any advantage w/regard to HAs such as this model?
TY for your time!

Not a problem! In answer to the low energy support, no this does not work. I have just dug out hardware to test this now for you, but none are able to pair (and stream) with the Evoke. Checking Apple’s MFi specification, it is different to the low energy standard subtly so only TV PLAY and iOS devices will pair directly to the Evokes officially.

With the above in mind, yes you will have to use a COM-DEX to connect to Bluetooth devices. I know this definitely works as I have used my COM-DEX with multiple devices, including W7/10 and macOS.

However, in case the detail matters or if simply interested, the COM-DEX itself does not connect to the Evokes (or other Widex aids) via Bluetooth. It streams using an induction loop, although the signal is entirely digital, so unlike telecoil it won’t have any electrical noise. If you’re a fan of shortwave/HF radio or have any devices that use radio time setting, it may interfere with these but it’s pretty unlikely unless you’re right next to the device in question.

The audio heard through any COM-DEX should be similar if not identical quality to TV PLAY/streaming from iOS, but will be MONO only irrelevant of original input.

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Hi @cwningen ! Do you know if Call-Dex sends stereo music ?
I know that he has a very small range of 1m and is rather for telephone conversations. I was wondering if I could send music from an android phone with it.
It seems to be comfortable and small :slight_smile:

Hi @Tom_76 It only sends mono of the audio input, but to both ears, even if the input is stereo. You can certainly stream using it but it is only mono unfortunately.

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Heloo. There is new way to connect widex evoke to windows laptop? For streaming zoom meeting

Hi – I noticed you’ve asked this twice, so I’ll repeat my answer: I’ve had some success with the Widex Uni-dex device. Since it’s a separate (wired) device, it’s much less convenient than a wireless bluetooth connection. My audi gave me one for free, but you might have to spend $100+ bucks on it. There are several annoying things: it’s a pendant you must physically plug into your computer’s audio port; it is battery operated, thus needs to be recharged periodically; your computer speakers cannot be muted while in use.
I’ve never used it in a Zoom-type meeting, just for videos on the web. I recommend borrowing one – if possible – to verify it fulfills your needs.

Will buy it for sure, but this is not selling in my country. Have to search from ebay etc.

Thanks for the answer

Damned widex. My evoke f2 not supported again with uni dex. So must say good bye to windows streaming

Hi , I hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

There is no other streaming accessory from laptop to F2 unfortunately.

Yes the uni-dex will work with Evoke, but not fusion 2 form factor because it uses Widex Link to communicate from neck loop to hearing aids (just like Com Dex) and this is deactivated in Fusion 2 model.

Sorry, I hope this info helps!

My son has F2s and using fm dex with wire to computer we streamed from laptop. I picked it up too (Evoke IP custom).

Fm dex. ok searching on google first. Thanks for information

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