Widex Evoke Bluetooth streaming issues?

I’ve been trialling several pairs of hearing aids. Currently the Signia Pure 312 5nx, previously the Widex Evoke 330 Fusion 2. They are fairly comparable in terms of general performance, but I’m finding that the Signias are more reliable at Bluetooth streaming, producing a good quality stereo sound. The Evokes had good acoustics but sound would frequently cut out on one side or the other, resulting in a sort of “bouncing” effect. In both cases I’m using a iPhone with iOS 11.4.1. I’m wondering if possibly the trial pair of Evokes I was using (which my audiologist had just received) could have an individual defect in its electronics as I can’t imagine Widex would market a new model with markedly inferior Bluetooth streaming. So if anyone else has experience with Evoke + streaming audio I’d appreciate hearing.

At that time I also experienced it, the sound cut off when worn :cry:

Any help?
I just got my first pair of hearing aids: Widex Evoke- $5400.00!
When I learned that they only work with android devices with an extra device I went all in and switched to iPhone 8s. $1000.00. I got the phone, set it up and of course it updated immediately to 11.4.1.
Now (as mentioned in this thread) I get no sound on the left side!
I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED and want to return them!
I have tried all the anecdotes I have read and the beta10 release of ios 12 with the same result.

Any advice? Thank you.