Widex Evoke and M3P Players


Hi Folks,

I have Widex Evoke hearing aids and thinking of getting an M3P player with Bluetooth features. Would any M3P player with Bluetooth work or do I need something specific? Thank you.



If you want to stream directly to your hearing aids, the only thing I’m sure would work would be an iphone and I’m not even sure what generation. My best guess is 6S and later, but this is something you should verify. All I saw online was app compatibility, but app compatibility is different than streaming compatibility. There’s a chance that an ipod might work, but again verify if you want to try. To stream with a typical MP3 player, you’d need an intermediate device. My suggestion is to try to get compatibility info from your audiologist and try out whatever device you decide on and confirm it works before committing to buy it Note: You could use a iphone as a mp3 player and not pay a monthly charge for cellphone service.



The f2 streams direct to iPhone. I have the custom ite evokes and use the Comdex to stream directly from android phone.