Widex Evoke 440 vs. Resound Quattro vs.?


New user and I’d like to hear your thoughts on my hearing aid selection.

First, I’ll load my hearing test when I get a copy, but I have mild to moderate hearing loss in a “cookie bite” shape.

Second, I really just want to hear and understand conversations better and/or clearer. I’d also love the ability to stream podcasts and maybe some music too. After reading some forum responses I’m beginning to think that streaming “quality” music sound might be asking too much from hearing aids, but I do listen to a lot of podcasts which would be nice.

Third, apparently I have pretty good insurance and my out of pocket will be approximately the same for whatever hearing aid I choose.

So, I’ve narrowed it down (so far) to the Widex Evoke 440 or the Resound Quattro. I’ve read more about the Resound Linx 3D so the Quattro looks promising. I also like the Resounds integration with iPhone and apple watch. Don’t have the apple watch yet, but I’m thinking about adding it to my Christmas list. My audiologist recommended the Evoke 440 and said the sound quality is noticeably better. I haven’t seen to much about the iPhone app or integration though, led alone apple watch integration.

So, is there a third hearing aid I should be looking at too? I’d love to hear about everyones favorite hearing aids and why.

I’ve got some other questions, but I’ll keep the topics separate.




Since you asked, the Oticon OPN is another popular hearing aid model you may want to look at.


Thanks Volusiano,

Just spent the last couple hours researching the Oticon OPN and now really like that one too! I really like the possibilities of integrating the HA into the IFTTT network. I already use IFTTT for a few home automation conveniences. I like the rechargeable battery option too. When I first started looking at HA’s I thought that rechargeable was something I’d like, but I’m now leaning toward the longer life of regular batteries, since I travel weekly for work, although I like the fact that this HA can use both batteries depending on your preference. I also like the claims of better speech recognition in open environments.

Thanks for bringing the Oticon OPN to my attention. Any other thoughts are greatly appreciated!


Just wait until you have the new Sonova platform to play with in November too!


All the devices you’re exploring can use rechargeable batteries with regular batteries as your backup. All of them also integrate with the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Each one of the companies has a different approach to sound, and only you can determine which one fits better with your personal preferences.

Lastly, while the Widex and Oticon OPN will likely be similar in pricing, the Resound Quattros will be more expensive as GN Resound is positioning them as super premium (at least currently at launch). That may or may not play a role in your decision-making.



The info we have so far


indicates that the ReSound Quattro is priced like the ReSound LiNX 3D. I haven’t heard what will happen to the LiNX 3D. It’s still on the ReSound website. Will audiologists sell it at a price more competitive with Costco’s ReSound aids?


Accessories…do YOU plan on using accessories? Look at ReSound’s accessory line. It is extensive and excellent.

I have the Linx3D BTE ha. Both ears. I had just gotten them and I was very irritated when the Quattro showed up. So after some footwork, I am getting the Quattro. It will be my first RIE type aid. I will be getting the receivers in custom molds. I will be trying to find a dome receiver that can be used in an emergency. I had forgone rechargeable hearing aids due to several shortcomings. The Quattro has addressed these. So I am very excited.

As to the OPN1… simply the best hearing aid I have tried, but the accessory line is inferior. I also think the Quattro has addressed some of the advantages Oticon had in the OPN. The Linx3D 9 series is close. A secret to getting great sound from the Linx3D… have the Audi add about 2db to 4db more headroom so that sharp loud transients don’t get squashed.

I tried the Signia Pure… they are underpowered. The model that should have fit my loss with no issues could not even begin too. It was verified in both the real hear test and I wore them for a couple days. Signia’s representatives didn’t even begin to give a damn. They simply said that’s how they do things move on up to their most powerful aid… I said no thanks. Widex is in bed with Signia now. Widex has a crappy throwback accessory line.

My work, I use the accessory line…all of it. Oticon, Widex, Signia, Starkey, Phonak do not have what I want in an accessory line. Resound does. It helps that Resound cares…they have bent over backwards to help me.