Widex Evoke 440 and iPhone volume

I have Widex Evoke 440s. iPhone pairs, but there is no way to easily increase the volume on the call. To do that, you have to put your caller on hold, go into the Evoke program, tweak two settings, then go back to the call. If I’d known about this idiotic work-around, I would never have bought this brand. I get maybe half the conversation on an iPhone. Does anyone know a way to adjust iphone Widex volume before you make the call. It’s like going to Cleveland to get to New York.

Is your iPhone volume set right for you? There are several different settings for audio on the iPhone. I have the Evokes and use the side volume button on the side of the iPhone during the call if needed.


It’s not clear to me why you don’t turn down and turn up the volume via the side button on your smartphone. I often use it that way and I have no problem even though we don’t have the same hearing aid.


I have the volume, side buttons or set by swipe up panel, all the way up. So it must be Widex and the way the software interacts with the iphone.

Only way to increase volume is to go into the app WHILE THE CALL IS STREAMING. This gives you a way to block all ambient sound and hear only the aids. But I have to tell everyone to hold after they call while I fumble to make the adjustments. This is not the way to do business - “Hold on while I fiddle with my hearing aids.”

Is the RC-Dex an option for you? It’s a small handheld device to change the volume or programmes when it’s inconvenient to use the phone option.

I’ll check with my provider to see if raises iPhone volume louder than the usual manual adjustment. Thx.

Just to confirm-the rc-dex is a separate Widex device and works with your Evokes, and will change the volume of your aids or the programme of the aids. You will need to check if it’s an option with your particular Evokes as it may depend if you stream direct to iPhone or via a Com-Dex. It seems odd your phone volume isn’t very loud on maximum. May be worth checking that out with I-phone as well. I know we are all different but I stream via my Evokes and COM-DEX to iPhone and the volume is about midway on the iPhone range.

As a person using ReSound Quattro’s experimenting with iPhone use with an old iPhone 6S that my wife gave me - which still runs iOS 14.4, I do find volume control of various things with the iPhone confusing a bit of the time. With some apps, which have a volume control built in, for instance, that setting seems to override any general iOS choices you make, such as for the Battery Charge Alarm app that I described a couple of days ago. Sometimes the uniqueness of an app sound volume setting can be helpful so that way you can depend on a certain volume and not fool yourself by changing volumes for other purposes and getting too much or too little volume when you least expect it. So my own experience is that there’s a learning curve to controlling sound the way you like it for any particular purpose. It’s not always straightforward in a one-size-fits-all way with the iPhone.

In Apple Discussions, a Community Support Specialist singles out the side volume buttons as the way to control phone call volume when you’re in a call, just as tinkyp suggested. When you’re not in a call, these buttons control other phone volumes as referenced in a link the Community Support Specialist provided in his post:

Adjust the volume on iPhone - Apple Support

I had my wife call me and with the ReSound Quattro’s, I could adequately control call volume with the iPhone volume buttons on the left just as tinkyp advised, going from barely audible to way too loud. Showing what i don’t know about the iPhone, when I swiped up from the bottom to get the Control Center, the volume slider there has no effect on iPhone call volume while a call is in progress. That slider, although it shows the volume control is connected to my HA’s, must be for the equivalent of media volume output (?), a separate channel in Hearing Devices from phone call streaming.

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The iPhone volume controls are the main way to increase/decrease volume while on a call. You shouldn’t have to be going into the app.

If this is the case and you are not able to get enough volume using the iPhone volume controls, your audiologist may need to delete your phone pairing through his/her software and then recreate the connection with you phone. Something is not working correctly.


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Good advice. I need to see the MD in her shop anyway and will get it done during that visit.

Its been a little while since I have worked with Widex, but most hearing brands I know of allow the clinician to adjust the ‘master’ volume of the incoming streaming signal so that when you are taking a phone call the devices will apply an extra boost to that streamed signal. You can then further adjust using ther buttons on the side of the phone or the app. To me it sounds as though there just isn’t enough being volume applied to the streamed signal at present and even turning it up to max by yourself still is not loud enough.

Thanks very much. This I’ll get on right away.