Widex Evoke 440 Aids Broken After Upgrade to IOS 13

After upgrading my iPhone to IOS 13 (all versions), my Evokes’ have gone “crazy”. This includes, random volume changes and iPhone system clicks and beeps in the HA. They are almost totally unusable.

What’s worse is that my provider got no support from Widex when she contacted them during our exam this week. When I called customer support this morning, they told me to disable a bunch of audio functions. And manually switch to audio when i want to listen to music or YouTube. But when I did that, the volume immediately shot to 94! The support rep said that this was NORMAL!

This is VERY POOR customer support.

I have to get rid of these things. They are now no better than the cheapest Costco HAs. Any suggestions for other HAs that work well with IOS 13.0 and above?



If you backed up your iPhone to your computer with iTunes before the “upgrade” to iOS 13, you should be able to still restore that backup and get iOS 12 back.

In theory. My experience was with 13.1.2 on an iPhone 11 Pro max, and keeping my older Xs max on 12.4.1. When I went to return the 11 Pro and restore data from iTunes or iCloud to the Xs max, it would not let me, period. I had to update to 13.1.2 in order to restore data to my Xs max.

Luckily, 13.1.3 released the next day and solved almost (almost!) all my issues. I lost some of my Apple enthusiasm over that. With Apple “it just works”, if, IF, you update to what might be a buggy release, or Apple takes their ball and goes home, leaving you stranded. :angry:

Repair your HAs by opening and closing battery doors and forget HAs, that may help. Try rebooting your phone too.

Agreed Widex customer service is lacking. I was not happy with them.