Widex Evoke 220: Outer ear sore due to pressure from eyeglasses

I just purchased the Widex Evoke 220 and now can hear prefect! The only problem I have is I have over the ear aids and wear glasses which causes the top of the outer ear to be sore because of the pressure it puts on the hearing aids. I have had them for a week and can only tolerate them for about three hours. I’ve read that getting a longer tube would help I currently have a 2. I have read blogs that have suggested longer receivers or tubes will help. Anyone experiencing this issue.

Thank You

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If the tube is tugging down on your ear you have figured it out. The longer tube should fix you up.
Good luck.

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If your hearing aids are comfortable while not wearing your glasses, a longer tube may not be the solution. For me, when the tube is too short, the inside of the ear gets sore, from the tube pulling the receiver up. A longer tube may result in a floppy hearing aid, or the tube bowing out.
You may need an adjustment to the arm of your glasses now that it is competing with space behind your ear - perhaps a thinner arm on your glasses, or a straighter behind the ear.

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The Evokes are wider to allow MFI streaming. I know this from owning the older thinner Dream 330s. You can get straight temples or bayonets for the glasses.

I use Oakley frames with straight temples. They don’t slip and don’t interfere with my aids.

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I have minor conflict between aids and glasses. For some unclear reason I asked for a longer tube so the aid would sit further back instead of the very top of the ear. The objection was that the two mikes would be less effective at picking-out sound from the front. Oh, yeah! But we tried it and I like it better. Getting off that top of the ear may fit the glasses better. (I have several pair so there’s no single answer.)

The tube is $10 retail and $2 wholesale except the audi usually buys an assortment of 100 different bits and just calls it Cost Of Business. If you paid well for the aids and can only use them 3 hours, absolutely you should get to try another size.

“Problem” is my audi’s door is locked (isolating) this month. I got the #3 tube last month and they put it on. Even though I said I could do it. So look close at your Widex, call and discuss. See if they think it works to leave a tube on their doorstep for you to pickup and change, or if you would be likely to mung-up the fitting and be stranded until they can see/feel you again.

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