Maybe a software update is needed for your device.

Sadly on the Oticon Opn streams stereo from an iPhone.

Only the Opn does thru phone.

Glad to hear that others are blown away by the Widex sound. I am a musician and have demoed other brands and find that the Widex Beyond 440s have the most natural sound. The phone app works well as does my Dex Com.

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After using M-Dex for years, my experience with Com-Dex ( 6 months) is “terrible” as I’ll explain.

  1. The Com-Dex only works if, when I move at home from one room to another, I take the smartphone (SP-Android) as well. What has never happened to M-Dex. If the SP stays on the table when he leaves the room when he returns the connection has been lost. Most of the time I only notice the situation when I receive a phone call and the call is not made. So I have to open APP, …, so that the connection is resumed.

  2. In the morning when I woke up I would just turn the m-dex on. It was ready to work. Now, with Com-Dex I have to open the App and select the connection. Ah! And plug the cable I’ve got around my neck!

  3. When during a call I need to regulate the sound with the M-Dex it was easy and fast. Just one button. With Com-Dex I have to open the APP, … Sometimes hands are missing!

It may be great for listening to music but it sucks in terms of functionality.

On a scale of 0-10 I classify Com-Dex with 2 and M-Dex with 9.

The M - Dex is nowhere near as good for audio and phone calls as the COM-DEX.
I use mine every day. It’s even aptX BT stereo.
Look on YouTube for an firmware update or have your AuD update it. You are missing out.

Some times on the BT settings in Android it has previously paired devices in case it drops. But that is rare. And true, the app is not as seemless as you would want. I reconnect it on the app often.

Thank you very much for your advice skyemac11.
I’ll contact my Aud.

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i love my tv-dex and yes it is a little finicky but works very well for the most part

it even works when i go the kitchen to get a drink, the sound will usually stick with me unless i go behind a big partition

I am new to this forum and wanted to share my experience with Widex’s Com-Dex. I use this exclusively for phone, tv and car (when used with their com-dex remote mic). The connection to my phone is easy and consistent (Samsung Galaxy s9). Audio is clear and volume controllable with the phone.

For TV I use a blue tooth transmitter (MEE audio). Until the last few days it has worked very well, but offers no way to control the volume. My experience is that when my aids (Beyond 440) are connected to the Com-Dex, I lose all volume control options. The phone app will no longer show a volume control nor will the control on the aids affect volume when connected to the Com-Dex. Anyone with ideas on how to do this?

In the car I have come up with a unique arrangement. My wife wears the mic (a small lapel clip on). It connects to the Com-Dex. Used only this way there is a slight delay and echo effect and it doesn’t filter out road noise well enough. To solve this problem I put on a Bose headset with sound canceling. Everything become quiet and the road noise and echo effect are virtually gone. It is the ONLY way we can travel in a car and talk.

Any thoughts on how to control volume when connected would help. Over-all this system (Com-Dex, mic and headsets ) is very good. Would like to see more options and creativity though from Widex.

I have also noticed that I’d like to have the volume just a little higher at times when using my Dexcom. I’m going to try to raise the volume before starting the dexcom and see if that will work.

How do phone calls sound to your callers? Does the microphone reduce background noise for them? Where is the microphone, on top, front, sides?

The mic is paired to the streamer which feeds the wearer’s conversation to me directly to my HAs. A phone call cuts off the mic and take priority to stream the call through.

Go to the widex site to see more about this.

Have you tried downloading the COM-DEX app? It does offer some controls that may be of help to you. Not sure that it will do everything you want but it may be worth a look.


Sorry I missed this Chris. I have had the app from the beginning. It does have some features that aid in control of the aids (volume, equalizer, front back orientation and program selection. These ONLY work when the aids are not connected to an active COM-DEX streamer.

What Widex needs is to have the app control the streamer (volume, muting mic, orientation, etc). Can’t imaging this would be difficult.

When you see the flexibility and scope of the technology built into cell phones, these HA ancillary devices are light years behind them. Too bad.

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Helo. Anything new info about comdex can streaming windows laptop to evoke hearing aid?

Seems the “TV PLay” is the device you may want, most questions can be answered by using the search button. I found this post, make sure you read the entire thread.

Good luck.

We have an fm dex and connected it to laptop for streaming audio. I believe there is another option for this too on Widex assistive technology information page.

I’ve had some success with the Widex Uni-dex device. Since it’s a separate (wired) device, it’s much less convenient than a wireless bluetooth connection. My audi gave me one for free, but you might have to spend $100+ bucks on it. There are several annoying things: it’s a pendant you must physically plug into your computer’s audio port; it is battery operated, thus needs to be recharged periodically; your computer speakers cannot be muted while in use.
I’ve never used it in a Zoom-type meeting, just for videos on the web. I recommend borrowing one – if possible – to verify it fulfills your needs.