Widex Clear Buzzing

The left hearing aid on the Widex clear 330 that I have been trialling for 3 weeks sometimes blares or buzzes when I speak or when hearing others, almost like the effect of a broken audio speaker. It is not happening on the right side and only occurs while speech or other sounds are audible, not a constant buzzing or in silence.

Both battery and wax guard have been changed. Could something be wrong with the receiver or is the sound setting off? Or is the wax guard damaged? One more audi appointment before the break so hope it can be resolved then rather than waiting through the holidays.

I guess distortion would be better to describe than buzzing, like a fuzziness when I speak or someone else or the TV sounds are on etc. It sounds like cheap headphones which are broken, not a $2500 hearing instrument.

Of course the companies have no useful troubleshooting options. Hope I do not have to live with this all holiday.

Could be a damaged receiver - impact damage can snap the weld between the ‘reed’ and power-rod that drives the diaphragm. Ask your audiologist to service it.

Thank you for your response. Can this be serviced locally by an audiologist, or would it have to sent to manufacturer? That likely means I will be without it for at least three weeks at this time of year which would really undermine the trial.

I cannot see how it could have impact damage given how these are treated here, as I have had no jarring impact and it has never been dropped, stored in drying jar etc.

You seem to imply that it started after the trial began. Is it possible it was there at start? If so, perhaps it simply needs a tweak.

I am trialing the Clear 440 (binaural fitting), and may have a related issue. I am hearing a slight burr or buzz on strong vowel syllables, mostly in female speech. Sorta part way between a smooth sound and outright clipping (distortion). The audi seemed to feel it can be adjusted, once I have more confidence in exactly where it’s occurring - ie. one or both sides? input level dependent?. Raising my acclimatization setting a notch has not increased it, but neither has it gone away. I have audio software with which I hope to analyze some speech content to narrow down the offending frequency ranges.

Please post back when they determine the solution to your problem. Good luck, -Ron

No it was not there from the start and began recently. It occurs on my own voice or others speech and is most notable on w and r sounds. Music via TV-Dex seems fine so curious as to what would be causing it. Will see her today and she may swap the receiver to see if that helps.

If it was there from the start, it could be the effect of the audibility setting being too high for your comfort or the receiver clipping.

It will adjust out.

I trialed the widex clear 440s two pairs. I had a lot of distortion from louder sounds and when in crowds. When a bus goes by I hear the bus and a bunch of noise. I now have the 220s and have the same problem. I think we had to adjust the mpo to help resolve the problem.