Widex Cleaning Tools

What cleaning tools were included with your Widex hearing aid? My Unique 220 came only with a cleaning cloth. The user instruction manual shows 5 tools are included. I purchased my HA through TrueHearing and my audi says the cloth is the only included cleaning tool. Thanks.

What you received should take care of things. I’d think the audiologist might give you the little brush that often comes with aids. I find them worthlless. I just use an alcohol wipe occasionally.

Very serious about this:

Use hearing aid sweat bands 100% of the time that you wear them. They will protect your aids from dust and sweat and water. You will never need to clean the body of the main unit.

Domes: If you’re using domes of any kind I suggest you purchase a 10 pack. Change to a clean pair of domes every night for use the next day. They come on and off very easily. Take the used domes and flush them with a little soap and running water and dry them overnight. Put the ones you’ve washed dried back in stock to be “rotated”. Doing this, you should rarely have to replace the wax guard on the receiver.


KenP and Russ-Shettle, thank you for your comments. I’m new to HAs so I’m still working on my cleaning strategy. I have the open domes. Russ-Shettle, what tools did you receive with your 330?

I got a cloth, small brush, a magnet stick for handle the batteries. A skinny flexible wire-like poker about 2 inches long for cleaning out vents but this would be for “in the ear aids” and tubes, not applicable to RIC accept for the vents on custom molds perhaps. I don’t use it for anything. My Audi included a small toothbrush to clean or brush away dust from the silver microphone cover. That little silver cover clips off easily for inspection by the way. The toothbrush is for cleaning the gap between the cover and the body. That’s where sound enters-in to reach the microphones. Don’t try and pull that silver cover off until you’ve been shown how. I don’t worry about dust collecting there because I use the covers (sweat bands) full time and I don’t worry about sweat. I have both styles of sweat bands. I like them both for different reasons we can discuss separately.

That’s about it. I will put more emphasis on prevention than actual cleaning, for example:

The aid body: What’s it vulnerable to? Two thing mainly, 1. Dust and 2. Moisture. The biggest threat to BTE hearing aids, IMHO, is not so much water like from rain, if we’re talking about “CLEAN” water, rather, it is the SALT from sweat. Summertime is coming. You are bound to be sweating on your aids. Salt is not good. I’m not worried about the body of the aid so much as I am with sweat getting into and under the microphone cover compromising the microphones, that and including the battery compartment. Also, It’s pollen season. It’s all over the place and will collect up in the smallest of places as all dust does. Hearing aid sweat band covers really make a lot of sense all around. I don’t think anyone will argue with that.

The Receiver: It is protected by the wax-guards. Domes give added protection as well. Cleaning the dome on the outside while left on the receiver is OK and easy to do but the opening of the dome may collect up with wax and oil that is not so easy to clean and you certainly don’t want to get any kind of liquid down in there in an attempt. It is just way, way too darn easy just to pull the dome off the receiver to do a more complete job of cleaning and I think it is much less trouble when they are off because you don’t have to be so carefull. Wax and or oil on the domes flushes away very nicely under warm running water. I always put a drop of dish soap on my domes and use my fingers to wash them; dry with a paper towel, put in UV dryer overnight. SIMPLE! It only takes 5 minutes.

Like I said: I keep a stock of domes to put on a clean pair each night. The washed domes get dried in my Widex drier then go back into stock. I keep 20 domes which means, “when rotated”, domes are used just once every 10 days. With this cleaning routine I have yet to see any wax or oil reach the wax guards to the receivers.

The cloth is nice and I’ll mostly use to wipe the small receivers when the domes are off but the most single useful tool is the magnet stick. It’s really about the only thing I need.


Russ, thank you for your detailed response. It appears the only tool that I didn’t receive that might be useful is the magnet stick. Per my audi I’ve been using the cloth and a tooth brush to clean the domes every morning. At the moment my domes aren’t showing any wax buildup even after a day’s use.

Well that’s good. I think everybody comes up with their own method they feel comfortable with. I’m probably on the extreme end of the scale.

Too bad you didn’t get a magnet stick. It really helps. Try and get one.