Widex CIC vs BTE

Hi all

I’ve been using a Widex senso diva CIC in my right ear for the last 3 years… now the hearing in my left ear has dropped and I need an aid for that one too, so I’m buying two new ones.

My audiologist is really pushing me to go with two BTEs, but Ive had a good experience with my CIC-- though I’ve never tried a BTE. Is there anybody out there who has experience with both? Is the different dramatic, in terms of understanding speech in noisy environments, and localizing sounds? I’m turned off by the BTE because I’m young (25) and active, i like to play sports with the hearing aids in, and I dont want something that is noticeable

I’m leaning towards going with two Widex inteo CIC’s

the new generation micro BTE are so small that most people wont even notice it is there… you can get things like directional microphones and auto telecoil which should be a great add on…
I would strongly recomend it !

I wore Widex ITC aids for a few years. They were larger than CICs, but didn’t fill up the whole ear.

Right now I’m wearing GN ReSound Pulse open fit BTE aids, and prefer them over the Widex ITCs. With the open fit, there’s little to no occlusion, so my own voice sounds normal. The BTEs are much easier to maintain, and more comfortable overall.

That having been said, if you wish to wear the aids and play sports, particularly if you perspire a lot, CICs would probably be my preference. A BTE that’s sitting in a pool of perspiration behind your ear and not working properly because the battery has shorted out is of no use.

These GN ReSound Pulse aids seem to be fairly perspiration resistant, and there are some new aids on the horizon like the Starkey Zon BTE that appear to be very moisture proof, but your plan sounds like the best bet.

I can give you a user opinion. I have 4 Widex Diva’s. Two are spares because my repair average was every 3.5 months. This was due to moisture (I have a desk and travel job so excessive heat or perspiration was not an issue) I also used the dry and store every night. Because I am on 120 flights a year I could not be without an aid as my hearing was more surpressed from the flight. I am now in week two of a trial on the BTE Passion. BIG difference for the better. See the Passion post in this forum.
I have had three tweeks to the programing and it is almost perfect.

The fact that no return to the factory for repair is a big plus to me. My Audi can replace everything in house!

My pair of Widex Divas were repaired twice under warranty. One just died on me, and I never got an explanation of what was wrong. The other repair was because I dropped the aid from about 4 feet to a vinyl floor and shook the speaker loose.

But the audie always commented about how the Widex aids had moisture in them at my regular follow-ups, even using a Dry and Store every night.

Can’t say enough about my Passions. Wore itc for 3 years and just switched to these-no occlusion, great in noisy situations, and barely know they are in-great aids

thanks for all your input, very helpful.

i saw my audiologist today and she’s recommending that I stick with widex since it’s what im comfortable with. she’s quoting me these prices, and after looking at online prices I’m wondering if they aren’t a little high

Prices are for 1 hearing aid

Inteo : $3,700
Senso Diva: $2,400

The price for the Inteo seems extremely high to me…

dang, Diva is not a new instrument it was released A LONG TIME AGO,
it really seems pricey

I paid $2800 each 6 years ago when the Widex Diva was new technology. Almost a year ago my GN Resound Pulse aids, which are old technology but newer than the Divas, were $2100 each; I think the Pulse is a better aid than the Diva.

What price did they give you for the Passion’s?

i didnt ask for a quote on the passion’s because i figured it would be out of the ballpark… i was quoted $3,400 for one AIKIA hearing aid