Widex change?

Hmmmm ?

An Open letter From Ron Meltsner & Eric Spar:

Nearly 55 years ago, our fathers, Harold Spar and Henry Meltsner started working with two talented young men from Denmark named Christian Toepholm and Erik Westermann. Hal & Hen became the U.S. distributor for an exciting new hearing aid company called Widex. Many of the people in our industry know Hal & Hen and you know how decent and family-oriented they are. They set an example for both Ron and I where they treated every U.S. hearing professional who worked with Widex with integrity and respect. Many hearing professionals in our industry continue to be long-time Widex customers, while many others are more recent additions to the Widex family.

Some of you may remember periods of incredible growth, like when we introduced the groundbreaking Senso digital hearing instrument. Regardless of the length of your time working with us, we are very appreciative for your support of our company. We have been the only independent distributor in the United States market among major companies in the industry.

The market dynamics in the U.S. have, in recent years, confronted the independent distributor with overwhelming challenges. Margins have eroded and at the same time, the need for significant investments has become necessary to expand Widex’s position in the market, and ensure superior service to U.S. hearing professionals.

In view of all this, we have sold our company to Widex A/S in Denmark, who is, as you know, a leading, globally-successful family business that obviously understands the products, our history, and our market.

Widex A/S in Denmark will have the ability to succeed and grow in the future and this is the reason that we have decided to sell our company to them. Between Hal, Hen, Ron and I, we have worked closely with our friends at Widex Denmark for nearly 55 years, and enjoyed a very close relationship.

The person who will now be running the new Widex U.S.A. is Jake Haycock. Jake is now the President of Widex U.S.A. and he is also the President of Widex in Canada. We know and respect Jake, he has a track record of successful leadership, and we feel that the “Widex family” here in the United States is in good hands.

We will continue to help serve the needs of those with a hearing impairment as we enter our 65th year at Hal-Hen, the world’s leading supplier of hearing aid accessories.

But for the nearly 55 wonderful years we were affiliated with Widex, we wanted to make sure to thank every hearing professional for the privilege of working with you.

The same has happened in the UK this summer.

The very long standing distributor (PC Werth) has lost their franchise and Widex has started a ‘Widex UK’.

Perhaps Widex are looking for a more modern approach?

Was well needed Widex have excellent products and not to have control over distribution of one of the largest markets in the world was madness!! Difference between UK is that they are taking over existing operations in New Jersey in the UK they started a new operation and its just starting to settle down