Widex Beyond: Car noise. (Also Battery meter doesn't work?)

I’m a very happy user of the Widex Beyond 440s (my first HAs), with a few minor irritants.

First, the battery meter on my iPhone for the HAs doesn’t seem to indicate anything. Does it work for anyone?

Second: volume level of Google Maps instructions when in my car (through the Bluetooth HA link) is erratic. Sometimes Google Maps instructions are clear and loud for a syllable or two, and then revert to being much too quiet.

My audiologist suspects that the background noise of the car (no, it’s not a quiet Lexus! :grin: ) is causing the HAs to switch programs on the fly. She tweaked the HAs (in the GPS software), moving a slider away from “Comfortable” She told me this makes the sound sharper. Regardless, it didn’t help.

I spotted a “Transportation” setting on her GPS screen, but not sure how and when it is used.

Does anyone have any experience or suggestions with this?


Right-- 30-----45-----50------40------30------30------25-----25

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Don’t think it ever works. It only tells people when it’s 100% or dead.
My Phonak HAs and the MyPilot Remote only told me when it was 100% or dead. There was no in between.

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So is someone spamming this thread, or is this AO advertisement from the new forum owners?

The sort of battery used in HA are difficult to measure how much % is left. My first Oticon Opn with older software went from full to down in very short time. So in a meeting they just stopped without warning. The new v4.0 software has a little bit better control, after 3 or 4 days it tells me 50% power. In one or two hours it tells me 40% and so steps down in a few hours, so the 50% warming is misleading but half a day left at that point. And it speeks it, what is better then just a beeb.

Hello, I have noticed that there seems to be a specific problem with google maps and the Beyond streaming and have had a number of patients experience issues when using this particular app. I don’t have a solution but I have a feeling that there is some sort of issue with the app itself causing the intermittency

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Thanks, MFAUD!

Anyone else have this happening too?

We’d all need to pester Google on this if so.

I’m not sure if the battery meter works on any made for iPhone hearing aids. It’s useless on my Resounds.

Beyond 440 here as well. The battery meter doesn’t work, not sure it ever will. The Google Maps thing also happens with Apple Maps and I have been trying to harass Apple and Widex about it, but either I get silence, or I get idiot statements like “reboot your phone”, or “re-pair your aids” from people who have never used or tested their own product. Also, if you are on a map stream for a long time, the aids will shut down and reboot.

I can only hope it improves as time and experience go by.

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Brand new Widex Beyond 440 user of 3 weeks here. I have also found the iphone battery meter to be pretty useless going from 100% to zero almost immediately. I have found that after the first low battery voice prompt that I have about 3 hours before that HA disconnects from the phone. I have also found that my right HA goes through 3 batteries in the time that the left goes through only 2. My biggest hearing loss is in the right ear if that has anything to do with it.

I also am struggling with car noise. I am getting a static sound, which seems to come from either or both wind noise and heater fan sound. So far, the audiologists has made two adjustments and helped significantly, but it is still annoying. I have tried to adjust it out with settings but only turning the volume down helps. I have learned that if in transport program and if no other sound (other than wind or fan) is present that I hear the static sounds, then if someone talks, or some other noise occurs, the static goes away while the person is talking and then comes back when they stop. I am hoping this can be improved upon. I have not yet tried Google Maps or Apple Maps voice prompts yet.

I am a ReSound user, but can confirm that the battery meter on the iPhone is useless for hearing aids.
I have never had a problem with Google maps directions streamed through the aids. But if I did, I could adjust the ratio of outside noise to iPhone audio via the app.

I am trying out Widex Beyond 440s for about two weeks now.

Battery meter shows something other than 100% just when the batteries has 30 minutes or so left to power the aids. So it functions as “last 30 minutes call” not really as a “metering indicator”.

I will check the maps and add my feedback.

I experienced a weird thing while in the car twice and once in a crowded cafe, suddenly the sounds muffled up and stayed like that for a couple of minutes, repeated couple of times. It was quite annoying.


Seems like the right would use more power as your right ear needs more power. I have found in my car travels that I can use the “Urban” program to reduce the road noise. Hope this helps.

I’m just a dumb new user, but your muffled up report above sounds like it may be the same thing I’ve experienced.

My wife couldn’t figure out how I was navigating so well in a place we’d not visited before. I just tapped my ears and said “I hear voices.”