Widex Beyond 330 - Manual Directional Focus?

I’m looking at a pair of Widex Beyond 330 to replace my ReSound Linx 3D 777. I realize that’s kind of a step down, in theory, but my ReSound lack the ability to choose directional focus manually…something I really need (and apparently that only comes in the ReSound 977, something my audiologist claimed wasn’t true).

Does anyone know if the Widex Beyond 330 have the ability to manually choose mic direction? I see it listed in the demo app, but I don’t know if that means it’s available on all models (220, 330, and 440) or if it’s only the highest model.


I’ve just tried researching this for a good hour and it looks like the Beyond 330 doesn’t have the feature you are after.

It appears you are trying to save some money with the lower level aids.
If you are anywhere near a Costco the KS9 aids do have a directional program that is pretty good that cost $1500 a pair in the US.

Yeah, I looked everywhere and couldn’t find anything!

There’s a Costco a few hours away from me…I’ll check them out. Thanks!

Hmm, this brochure claims maybe the 330 feature set DOES have directional focus (on page 8/9 of 12)? I don’t trust anything my audiologist says anymore, so I’m not feeling very good about asking her, heh.

My wife has the KS9 aids. They have not given her any trouble at all. We made three trips total to Costco for looking, buying and fitting her aids. We make a trip there now and then for miscellaneous reasons, get the aids serviced each time. It has worked out well.

We are about an hour and fifteen minutes from Costco with no traffic.

Signia Pure 7nx have this function. It is accessed and set through the Signia app that can be downloaded to your iphone or android. It really works well…

You can’t go wrong with Costco the KS9 aids - same has Phonak Marvel that cost $6,500. I have had mine since September and they are great. I have Phonak and Starkey last twenty years and paid big bucks.

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Widex Evoke 330 (mine) has it inside the iPhone app. I don’t know how Widex breaks down their models, though so I can’t speak definitely on the Beyond.

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Yes, Widex Evoke has this function.!2021-02-18

Yes, this feature has been in Widex aids for a while and is accessible via the remote and App.

Very useful in the car.

I have Widex hear aids for about three years and they are constantly needing readjusted, I knew nothing about hearing aides then and still know very little but I am definitely not happy with these. You can manually adjust them front focus,music,crowd,and universal. For the directional you must use your phone.Also I use the Waze app quite a bit and when the hearing aides are connected the Waze app or the IPhone will not all the full volume to stay on…so while wearing the aides you can’t hear the Waze but I can hear it without the aides connected…this is a problem for me. I am looking for something better.