Widex App Located My Lost Left Hearing Aid ... Amazing

my sister is in the hospital and i had to gown up with a mask and gloves to see her, we had a good visit and i rode the bus home

got home and realized my left ha was not in so took a deep breath and fired up the widex app

it told me the hearing was in the middle of a parking lot at the hospital so i jumped in my car and drove there and got the app going and it directed me all around a parking lot which of course i walked near but not anywhere near the spot i was being directed to

so i reasoned that i probably lost it in the emergency room which was where i was headed when i passed the parking lot

got the emergency room and proceeded to wander around the cubicles looking at the app which was giving me directions, mostly “your hearing aid is far away” but then i got “your hearing aid is close !” … nobody said a word to me as i wandered around :slight_smile: finally i asked a nurse because it was becoming clear to me that i had probably dropped the aid into a nearby waste receptacle when i took off the mask

i told the nurse and she got the phone and said “i think we just changed the waste bags and i know where your ha might be” she used the app and led to a big stack of black trash bags and the app started saying “your hearing aid is close!” … which got the young nurse very excited and we started to pull black trash bags off the pile and place them on the floor at intervals and then use the app so see where we were getting hot or cold when she found the right bag the app said “your hearing aid is right here” and she jumped for joy and gently pulled the bag apart and there was my $2500 ha sitting clean and unmolested and transmitting faithfully away

so, use those apps widex people they do work and might save you some money

literally another 10-15 minutes and my ha would be in the incinerator


That’s pretty neat.
Great story.

I thought I had lost my left HA and used the app to try to locate it. The app kept telling me it was right next to me on my left, I was looking everywhere and couldn’t find it, but it kept saying it was right next to me. I found it finally…in my left pocket


hah ! :slight_smile: … best possible place to lose a ha !

i wonder why the app showed the parking lot ? i walked by it but the location pointer ( a rounded blue arrow) pointed to the middle of a parking lot that i walked by but not through

my assumption is that the location broadcast goes out every 5 minutes and is not very accurate and by the next location fix i was on the ground floor of a big hospital and unreachable by gps

but it sure works as you close in on the aid, luckily i got close enough to the garbage bags (which were around the corner about 20 feet away) to get a “your ha is close” message which spurred me on to keep looking

i think it made the young nurses’s day, it sure made mine

I have the Easy Line Remote app. Does this app also have a search feature? Anyone know?