Widex announces the world’s first battery-free hearing aid



You might be right. In the Widex Technology link in the OP, there are the following lines:

" The only waste from this reaction is vaporised water and negligible amounts of carbon dioxide."

and for recharging:

"Simply place the hearing aid into the refill well and wait for 20 seconds.

In that time, the refill unit will extract any remaining methanol and supply the fuel cell with new methanol. "

But the anode reaction always needs water (see Direct methanol fuel cell - Wikipedia), so that’s why I’m presuming when the unused methanol gets flushed, there is some amount of water in it. I think it says in the Wikipedia article, too, that the requirement for water as an ANODE reactant in the reaction cuts down on the available energy density from methanol, which otherwise has something like 3x the energy density of a Li-ion battery, if I remember correctly.



Hmm, a hearing aid with a muffler. Widex finally developed this. Added cost?


Just seen this and it seems a great way to go, but still can’t help but think about a safety aspect.


Yea very interesting but still way to many question unanswered. Cost, how long does charge last, how often to refill, etc. Personally I’m not going to refill a HA (compartment) everyday to keep a HA working. Is it a game changer - maybe but it will take a year or two to decide if it’s a keeper or it goes the way of the dinosaurs. I’ve found that many times - first in line gets burned when buying new HA products. So best to let this “battery free aid” run its course for a year plus before deciding to accept or reject.


It say recharge once a day. I am sure there will be a premium cost for the supplies though.


All done ( thanks rasmus_braun ) and noted jim_lewis regarding the search feature.

craig_Sharp it seems you get 24hours of use after just 20sec in the “refill well”
pretty good compared to the rechargeable type. Still I wonder about the safety aspects of using methanol which is a pretty toxic type of alcohol but I guess so long as you don’t drink it you’ll be all good.


Would be fun if in the coming years the guy at the petrol station will ask: do I need to fill your car, or your hearing aids? :slight_smile:


I can’t hear you! My hearing aids are “out of gas”!