Widex and IOS 13 problem

I am using Widex Beyond 440 series hearing aids. My hearing aids switching on and of in seconds and is saying left/right ready in my ears a couple if times in my ears.
It also make a fluted sound in my left ear the whole time. It is very irritating especially when I switch it to a different program it get worse.
Widex SA just switch of the left/right ready function, but I can still hear in my ears it is going ing of and on in split seconds.
The flute sound in my ears, I have to cope with as Widex is just telling me there is nothing they can do as it is a world wide problem with Apple software and I must just wait until Apple fix it.
Even the local IStore told me lat week Wednesday the 16th of October that they dont know when Apple will fix the problem with the hearing aids.
I have the latest software IOS 13.1.3 on my IPhone 8.
Do anybody know if Apple have fix the problem or is it now Widex that needs to fix there hearing aids software and App on there side.
Thank you

I have Oticon OPN aids and I had to have the firmware updated. There is security updates that was done in the new IOS, the firmware update seems to be the fix issue

I’ve had to forget my HAs and repair to get connectivity back. Worth a try?

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I wear Phonak Marvel 90’s , and my Bluetooth problems seem to be corrected as of last Friday (October 18). I’m using IOS 13.2

I had similar issues when IOS 13 rolled out and managed to resolve them by forgetting the hearing aids under accessibility, re-pairing them, and allowing Widex beyond to access Bluetooth. As of IOS 13.3 however, I am no longer able to connect. Being totally blind and reliant on VoiceOver to use my iPhone, it is incredibly frustrating. I’ve given up on contacting widex as all I receive back are polite non-responsive messages which essentially say that the problem is out of their hands. I feel as if both my dealer and Widex have thrown me under the bus. I spent more than 6 grand on these Beyonds and already I’m looking at replacing them after just two years. Being on a fixed income, I’m not sure if I can borrow the necessary funds. My belief was that MFI certification was a meaningful partnership, but apparently I was wrong, it’s just a few fancy words for a blame game with the customers caught in the middle.

You can report your problem to Apple with the iPhone Feedback page. I have had two issues with iOS 13. One is that after iOS 13 the alerts could no longer be directed to my hearing aids. That is a big let down, as it worked in iOS 13.1, but has not been working since. The other was that I could not keep my iPhone connected to my home WiFi. I think I may have finally solved that one. My router would switch back and forth between 5G and 2.4G. I have more or less discovered that my iPhone 7 along with iOS 13 does not like 5G. I created a fixed IP for my phone and separated the 2.4 G and 5 G systems with a different SSID. I now direct my iPhone to the 2.4 G fixed ID, and it has been hanging in for over a week without dropping out. A miracle!

In any case I keep reporting the bugs every time Apple releases a new version, and the bug is still there. I may not have to keep reporting the WiFi dropout, but as of 13.3 the alerts problem remains.

I have not (touch wood) had any incompatibility issues with iOS 13 and my Connexx app (Rexton/Signia/KS8).