Widex Aikia review

I am 16 and don’t go to school. I have a Audio Processing disorder.This is my first pair of aids

I have been wearing a pair of Widex Aikia AK-9 with a remote since monday it is now friday. Here are my thoughts on the aids:

Not very good nosie cancalling I can sometimes hear my aids working and so can other people. When hair moves I can hear that(sounds like a micophone that someone’s putting their hand over). Turning down the volume fixs this but then I can’t hear.

If someones talking behind me I can hear them better than someone who is talking in front of me.

When I am talking on the phone I can’t be understood. My hearing aids fix this problem but it sounds like they are shouting and I end shouting back.(I think a FM system might fix this problem) can someone tell me if this is the case.

I am told I am shouting alot.

I have open domes at the moment and my aids(more my right aid) are falling out of my ears.

Ok thanks for that will do