WIDEX aids - shrill sound?

With recent low frequency loss occurring alongside my pre-existing high frequency loss (a tent- shaped audiogram), I have had on trial 3 WIDEX aids - the Inteo, Passion and Mind. Despite countless adjustments, all sound rather shrill and piercing with a somewhat rasping edge on speech. Yet an Oticon Sumo DM aid, programmed to the same audiogram by the same audiologist with the same wide tube and partly open ear mould, produces smooth and comfortable sound (but with less gain).

I wonder if anyone has an opinion as to whether recent Widex aids, with the Widex fitting software, produce sound that is more shrill and over bright compared with other makes of aids?

I do have 4 years experience of using digital aids. My previous high frequency loss was corrected with a GN Resound Air aid which gave clear and pure sound.

I would appreciate your advice,

sumo dm is an instrument for severe to profound losses…