Widex Advanced

Hi. Buy by Ebay some Widex Advanced and when I try to connect with the Compass program it tells me, that I need a more current version of the program. I have the 3.3.3030.0. , which is the last one installed by the updater.
Do you know what can happen and why do not you recognize it?

Are your aids listed in the software?

No. But if it is not with the compass, with what program would I have to connect it?

If these are the widex advance a51, it seems they are from Specsavers in the UK
I wonder if they are locked?
What programmer are you using to connect the hearing aids to the software.

Used USB Link y compass

Can you force the compass software to do another update?
Maybe you need the widex pro Link for those models?

Well, I know why he does not detect them. They are a model that is only sold in the UK and in Spain there is no program for that model.

I’m still not understanding how you are trying to communicate with the aids. What device are you using to connect to the aids? Is it wireless or using cables?

The op has stated that he is using the Widex USB link which is USB cable to pc

I did see that but didn’t understand what it was. Is it similar to a Noahlink Wireless?

Another question about this programmer, is it even the correct device to talk to these aids? Are cables needed with a HiPro?
The correct software should list these aids and what device is needed to program them.
Good luck with this.

I think you need a patch of Compass GPS.

He has the correct programmer and it’s installed correctly with a recent version of Compass, what he’s missing is the correct unlock codes for the software to work with these aids. Specsavers don’t want to allow other people to adjust this product, so you have to go back to them to program it. As you weren’t the original purchaser they have no obligation to do this for you.

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