Widex 440 Loud sounds distorted/breaking up

Hi there,
I originally posted this at the end of a different thread so I am reposting here.

I am trialing the Widex Passion 440 and it seems to be perfect. I finally got a good fit on a dome.

Then I went to a Phillies game. When the crowd cheered, the loud sound cause a ‘breaking up’ sound like a bad speaker. The same thing happened when I went to a pub with a live band. It was ONLY with the very loud sounds like people at the ballpark yelling and cheering or the band playing.

This did not happen with the Oticon Agil Pros.

Anyone know if that is a hardware issue or a software issue that can be fixed.

Also, my audio has me trialing the Passion Clear 440 until the Fusion Clear 440 becomes available to her. She said they are identical except the fusion has three levels of receivers instead of the passion’s two. I am not so sure about that.

Anyone know?

Thanks again!

Th receiver is being over-driven: it ought to be possible for your audiologist to edge down the MPO slightly with very little impact one the overall performance of the aid. Also it may need the gain trimming a fraction at the loud input levels.

A more powerful receiver option ought to resolve this.


This didn’t happen with the Oticon Agil Pro. Is that possible?

I mean…I can understand the band and loud cheers but it even happened with loud voices around me.
And this was so perfect in most mother ways.

Um bongo answer is good! I like the fact he gave you information about programming the instrument. This is great stuff to take back for your next hearing aid adjustment.

Hi I I am the same situation as laineymarie, I have just started trailing the 440 fusion and have also noticed this same this happening. Even if i bring the volume down very low it will still sound as if the receiver is bad. I will also talk with my audiologist and wydex rep as he is the one who got his hands for the fusions for me.

Hi Lou,
My audio has done what widex suggested to do. Also tried what Um bongo suggested, which helped. I was still getting some distortion in very loud (mostly sudden) sounds…much less than before.
Yesterday, my audio turned down the loud sounds another click (2 total) and it seems much better. I turned the radio way up and it was fine. I will see how it goes over the next couple weeks in real life.
Let me know how you make out and what adjustments are made.
I am currently trialing the Clear passion 440’s but finally the fusions are going to be available to my audio. She has ordered them and they will be in in 2 weeks.
I believe they are similar but I do think the fusions have a t-coil? Whatever that is. I wonder what other differences there are.
Good luck!

I have the exact same problem. I also turned down the volume and still have all the distortion. It’s bad for me since I work in NYC there are a lot of lound sounds and all distort. can you repost the solution or settings?

The same thing happened on my Widex Mind 440. Tons of distortion, and it just didn’t seem to go away totally, even when certain levels were turned down. I ended up returning it.

Am now waiting for the new Clear to come out in CIC. My audi says the sound is supposed to be much better.

Hi Blaine,
My audio turned down the loud sounds 2 clicks. It hasn’t affected the soft sounds/voices at all.
It is much better but I still occasionally get a distortion with sudden loud sounds such as a motorcycle. It’s getting there! I go back in 2 weeks. I will let you know what the next adjustments are.

Hi Quickbread,
I am trialing the clear Passion 440’s since the Clear Fusion 440’s weren’t available to my audio. I have far less distortion now. The Clear fusions are available now and my audio ordered them for me. I will have my audio work on the distortion issue to clear it up and let you know.!
Keep me updated on how you do as well!