Wi-Fi cuts out when I pair my KS9 to Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2

my WiFi went out recently . just about the time i got my ks-9 hearing aids
i reset my WiFi and blue tooth. my WiFi started to work again. i paired the ha to the phone which also worked. BUT now the WiFi wont connect to my home network. i can see the network but it wont connect.

any help would be appreciated

Check the frequency your wifi is on. If you’re talking about an internet phone on wifi paired via Bluetooth with your Ks-9 aids? Could be some incompatibility there…

Will be curious if any tech-heads chime in here.

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I’m not saying it’s not possible but I think you need to reproduce the issue multiple times before you can suspect a link. So if you manage to connect to your wifi 5 out of 5 with Bluetooth off and 0 out of 5 with Bluetooth on, that’s kind of conclusive. I had the opposite issue with my OPN1s and my LG V20. Establishing a Bluetooth connection was much more reliable when I turned off Wifi on the phone.

As per @1Bluejay’s suggestion, it’s definitely worthwhile trying to connect to wifi on 5k if your phone and router support it. Bluetooth and 2.4k wifi share the same spectrum.

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my WiFi on my eero is dual channel with 5k being dominate. you have to do fancy foot work to get it to go 2.4k.
multiple connects were done on multiple channels. the main router the guest account on the router, the eero the guest account on the eero.

the thing that got the WiFi to connect was to reset: WiFi, Bluetooth on the cell phone. after the reset the WiFi would work with out problem. as soon as i connect the ha the WiFi disconnected and wont reconnect
the phone is a kyocera duraforce pro II and the hearing aids are ks-9

I tried turning off the bluetooth on the phone. The wifi still will not connect

Go back to basic wifi connectivity troubleshooting I guess. Do any other devices connect successfully to your router? Does your phone connect successfully to other routers? Check the password on router and phone and make sure they match. If your phone won’t connect at 5Ghz, try at 2.4Ghz and vice versa. Forget the network on your phone and start from scratch. Change channels on the router in case your current one is congested or experiencing interference from an appliance. Apologies if this stuff is obvious to you. Good luck.

Thanks for the input
I’ll start on that tomorrow morning

Not sure if I’m WAY out in left field, but I’d mentioned on another thread how the RIGHT aid of my Phonak Marvels completely shut down when using a Polycom speakerphone.

The thread above prompted me to investigate further: the Polycom runs on 1.9 Ghz, whereas the Samsung phone connected to that Polycom runs on 5 Ghz. The wifi on both Polycom and Samsung cell phone are ON.

Could that combo be causing any kind of signal interference that fritzed my right aid? How I wish there was a techno-geek who was conversant in ALL things about Bluetooth, wifi, new aids, pairing, connecting - just SO much technology that needs to be compatible.

I’m actually afraid to use that dang Polycom again when my Marvel aids come back from repair. Altho this could be a simple “credit assignment” prob, as the aids were having difficulty with staying connected to my Samsung cell phone even before the right aid died.

i have success

i fiddled with the cell phone and the ha trying different combinations of modems and settings . i finally came up with something that worked . using the guest account on the eero (2.4ghz not the usual 5ghz) and told the phone not to autocheck if the wifi was metered but instead look at it like as a non metered account it hooked up to the WiFi. i appreciate the help and comments. and yes going back to basics is were its at.

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