Why is the search engine on hearingtracker so bad/good

So thought I’d start this topic off, just to find out what people really like or dislike about the search engine on hearingtracker, I don’t have many problems with it myself, if you do, why and how could it be improved?


The Discourse search engine is reasonably powerful, particularly if one uses the Options checkbox. When one finds a thread of interest, there is also the Search This Topic option to help find posts within a thread.

About the only thing that comes to mind as an improvement would be if one could make the search terms conditional, e.g., search on “battery AND Phonak” - then all hits would have to mention both battery and Phonak. Or something like “audiologist NEAR Costco” - where the word audiologist would have to be within a fixed (but adjustable) number of words near the word Costco. Adobe Acrobat used to offer such powerful fine-tuning to its search engine - haven’t checked within the last decade or so since Acrobat’s subscription policy is too pricey for me!

It would be nice if one could save a search configuration and reuse it. Or, really going out on a wish list limb here, if one could be notified of a new post anywhere within the search term scope of hits! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep exactly as I have found, it’s actually what you type in that makes the difference to what your trying to find.

Yes yes, this would be good, mind you, a flood of hits in your inbox could take a bit to get through.

Yeah that goes back a while! It was very good, no reason we couldn’t have something as powerful,but as yet I’m happy with what we have here.

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I also will use google’s ‘site’ search feature if I can’t easily find something in forums. e.g. put the following in as a search in google:

site:forum.hearingtracker.com m&rie

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This isn’t exactly about the search feature, but hopefully @AbramBaileyAuD or @rasmus_braun or another admin is following this thread.

On threads with hundreds of posts, if I want to read just the posts from the last day or two I go to the thread and I have to scroll through all the way from the oldest post to get to the new posts I want to read. My phone stops and pauses multiple times as I scroll.

There have been times when I have abandoned my attempts to read new posts out of frustration. If there is a way to go right to the newest post in a thread I haven’t discovered it.

Does anyone know how to go directly to the newest post? If not, I think adding that functionality would make the forum more user-friendly.


If you click on the 6 for this thread, it’ll allow you to quickly go to the top.

Obviously threads with hundreds of posts, the 6 would be maybe 562 in that thread.

So that little blue line, pull it upwards. Works quicker when there’s loads of posts. That blue little line appears once you click on the 6, for example, on this thread.


@Zebras , thanks. I’m probably the only one who didn’t know that.

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Put up a blinking or flying a flag to teach those who are not well versed with “Search Machine”.