Why is PM/Private Messaging so difficult?

The problems:

  1. Many new arrivals don’t know How to send a PM.
  2. Once they learn the mechanics of how to send a PM it is still difficult to differentiate between a PM and a forum post.
  3. Accidentally posting on a forum thread when intending to reply to a PM happens more frequently than it should.
  4. There seems to be no way to delete PM.

@AbramBaileyAuD; Couldn’t we at least make a PM look a little different than a forum post? What about deleting PMs? Are they just going to accumulate forever?

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I agree that it would be nice if they looked different. I always do a double take after I send one and looks just like a post.

Unfortunately there are no configuration options to differentiate them more than they are currently. However, my suggestion is to look at the header of the page your on to see whether an envelope is present like in the image below:

Also when you’re navigating your personal menu, pay attention to the icons:

When replying, check the box above to see that it’s a message:

Might I suggest that the welcome email one gets after signing up have links explaining all the common things one might do on the forum. As it is, it at least points people towards ones Profile. So that’s a start.
And the so-called FAQ seems to be really just a policy document. Seems to me that the issues that arise like this one could be explained in an actual FAQ. We’re all aware that means Frequently Asked Questions right?

As for deleting PM’s…it ain’t my disk space.


Good idea to use the FAQ. I usually just point people to forum support though, as most questions are answered there. I think adjusting the welcome email is also a good idea. Will add to my todos.

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This may sound harsh; it isn’t intended to be but…in this age I don’t understand that “no options” bit.

No matter how many little envelopes and other doodads, my stomach still drops occasionally when I hit send. “OMG, I just posted that…sh%&*t!!!”

Of all the forums I belong to, provided by various services, with various formats, this is the only one that gives me heartburn over a PM.


Just remember, we allow you to delete posts now :slight_smile:

Which reminds me…what’s the time delay of sending an email to the PM recipient if they haven’t yet read it on the forum? Of course if they have that setting on.
Oh wait…is that the 10 minutes mentioned in the settings?

Look up to the top of your Hearing Tracker window. A PM/Private will have an envelope icon and a regular forum post will not have the envelope icon;


I don’t see it there after I’ve composed and ready to send. There is the little start your message prompt

Oh I see, it depends on the state of the message. Also, Inbox and Sent both look a little different. But you can still LOOK UP and see something atop your screen that indicates it is a PM/Private Message.

While sure there are these little indicators and bits of evidence to LOOK for to see that you’re in the PM area…it would just be visually obviously a different area if it had a different look and feel than the VERY similar look and feel of the forum posting area. But Abram says there aren’t any config options to make it look different so we’ll soldier on and continue surviving as we have all this time.

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XXXXXXXXXX I have no idea how to see my PMs except through the notices that come to my email. Clicking on my face work son many forums but not here? Or am I blind as well as deaf?

EDIT, found it.

Click your Avatar on the upper right of your browser window. That will generate a list of notifications. Some notifications will have an envelope symbol to the left of the notification. That means the notification is a PM/Private Message. Click the notification.

Also your Avatar will tend to accumulate tiny circles on top. The small circles will have numbers inside. That is the number of notifications and when the bubble is on the left and dark green that is the number of PMs you have.

PAST private messages.

OK, now it seems simple but I could not find it before.

The envelope picture right below the avatar also takes you to your messages.