Why is one hearing aid so screechy?


Went to Costco today for first follow up. She told me minimal changes were made just b/c I’m trying to find a comfortable dome/sleeve. I’m trying sleeves now. But my right hearing aid is way too over sensitive now. I just touch the hearing aid & it sound like really loud styrofoam being rubbed together. Is this what is referred to as feedback? My left ear is fine.


If the sleeves fit differently in the ear canal they should have performed the Real Ear Measurement again because the ear canal length is different.
For Real Ear measurement they place small microphones in your ears beside the aids. They then play sounds and the system can detect what the aids are actually out putting compared with how they are programmed.


It doesn’t really sound like feedback. Sounds like something is rubbing a microphone.


As Don said. Sounds like your hair is rubbing a microphone


I get that too if i touch an HA scratching, putting glasses on, sometimes my hat rubs and I get that. It is the HA mics picking up yhe sound from touching the HA body


Hard to tell from your description. How about if you just cup your hand around the hearing aid without touching it? If that gets the sound, would lean towards feedback. If requires actually touching to get sound, might be microphone sound. I lean towards feedback as it sounds like it’s new and changing from domes to sleeves could do that. If it is feedback, your fitter has several options to reduce it.


I’ve worn the same HAs for nearly 4 years and have recently had the same problem - and the same ear. I could throw them out
the car window at times. I wear closed domes deep in my canal. No rubbing no hair issue. Feed back can be adjusted but
it’s always the same ear. Grrrrr!