Why I LOVE HearingTracker.com | Dr Cliff, AuD

Our beloved forum was featured in Dr Cliff’s latest video! If you aren’t already a subscriber to Dr Cliff’s great educational YouTube channel, please follow him on YouTube !

Video transcript (from YouTube) follows, along with some links to the various sections of the site to encourage further exploration and discovery :slight_smile:

It’s no secret that I’ve been a huge fan of Hearing Tracker for several years now. In fact, I highlighted them in on of my first videos on this channel. It doesn’t hurt that they feature some of my videos on their site as well.

It seems like every time I look at their site, they’ve added some new features to help you better navigate the world of hearing treatment. So I’m going to give you the 5 reasons why I LOVE HearingTracker.com

#1. The Provider Directory - Not only can you locate hearing aid clinics in your area, you can do that on Google. The biggest thing is that you can filter the results based on different search criteria such as Brand of hearing aid, Diagnostic Testing services offered, and most importantly by who offers Real Ear Measurement - https://youtu.be/cHR0Oa6I-wY

#2. Expert Answers from Hearing Healthcare Providers - This feature allows you to ask questions to a community of Hearing Care Professionals. You often receive several answers within a few hours to give you multiple perspectives on your treatment options.

#3. The News Articles - Hearing Tracker stays on top of industry news to keep you up to speed on the world of hearing treatment. These well written articles give you an inside look at what’s going on with hearing aids and hearing loss research.

#4. The Hearing Aid Forum - The Forum lets you post questions or comments to a large group of Hearing Tracker Consumer members. If you want the opinion of other consumers with hearing loss, this is the place for you. You can read threads without being a member, but if you want to contribute, you will need a FREE Hearing Tracker account.

#5. The Hearing Aid Directory - This directory gives you a list of nearly all the hearing aids that you would be available to treat your hearing loss. This can be overwhelming, but by using the filter, you can limit your results do devices that have the features that you want.

Overall, Hearing Tracker offers a lot of great resources for individuals with hearing loss, so if you want to check them out, just go to https://www.HearingTracker.com or just type “Hearing Tracker” in to your search bar.


I’ve followed Dr. Cliff on YouTube since just before I got my HA’s. In fact Dr. Cliff taught me a good bit of what I needed to know before I made my purchase! He is always reviewing what’s new and I’m always learning something. Dr. Cliff is the reason I bought what I did. Watching his videos is highly recommended.

Dr. Cliff doesn’t cite DIY as a valuable forum feature! <<<just kidding>>> :see_no_evil:

What did you buy, and are you happy with the decision?

Phonak Audeo Marvel M90-R
Yes, I’m happy with my decision.

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Dr. Cliff’s video led me to the phonak m 90s too. Happened to see it an hour or so before my most recent HA fitting. I am very happy with them. Bluetooth audio and hands free phone are just icing on the cake.

I know obviously it’s the way his gene’s made him but I just can’t get past that wall of teeth. :slight_smile:
Very enthusiastic informative videos though.

I’ll second what TraderGary said. I ended up with Costco’s Kirkland Signature 9.0s partly based on his video about them.

I learned a lot about hearing aids from listening to Dr. Cliff. Not only is he knowledgeable but I find him an engaging presenter. He knows how to keep you entertained and informed at the same time!

He’s also a buff and tough ex-military guy, I think a sniper in the 2nd Iraq war, so he is certainly not one, I believe, for overthrowing the 2nd Amendment. Once upon a time somewhere on his Facebook page, he had a picture or two of himself and his old buddies at a military reunion and he was fondly cradling a Big Gun! (he also seems to be wearing body armor in the pic - the sort of stuff you need at a reunion?!)

And just to round things out:

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Not only is he knowledgeable but I find him an engaging presenter.

As an audiologist myself, I find watching other audiologists talk to consumers to be the most boring thing in the world … I mostly know what they’re going to say before they say it.

Dr. Cliff is the exception to the rule for me :slight_smile:


Dr. cliff and hearing tracker in the same video. It is like batman and superman in the same movie.

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Gosh, I hope not. That was a terrible movie. :wink: