Why does this page keep kicking me out?


Interesting. That’s the exact add-on that one of the results I found mentioned. Glad you got it sorted.


Photoscape: You know W10 has the Snipping Tool right? You can also do ctrl-prt sc and then paste into Paint or whatever (whatever could of course be whatever Photoscape is).
Also that W10 has its own virus and security capabilities.
But whatever you’re used to. Makes no nevermind to me. :slight_smile:


A general rule of thumb that I use is, when something is wrong with Firefox it is always caused by an Add On. I know it can’t be always. But it’s a good rule of thumb. Glad you guys solved it.


Win10 is NOT my favorite product and the included anti virus capabilities are marginal at best. After having seen 2 separate computers that had to have complete reinstallation in order to repair virus problems that defender didn’t catch I decided not to trust it. But whatever works for someone else is OK. I happen to use Photoscape for a bunch of quick photo editing and am very familiar with how to use it and what it can do, for me it was quicker than trying to get win10 screenshot to do what I wanted.

My complaints about Windows are many, you probably don’t want to listen to the rant.


I feel your pain regarding Windows 10. I spent about two hours trying to plug all the security leaks in Win10. Thought i had done a pretty good job. Installed “Wireshark”, told it to capture internet traffic and my screen started scrolling rapidly. The only program running was wireshark. Microsoft snoops on you constantly when you use Windows 10 and there doesn’t seem to be much of a way around it. No wonder they were giving it away. If Linux weren’t so unfriendly, I would forget there ever was such a thing as Windows.


I’m aware of the “snooping” but through all the versions of Windows from 3 on I’ve rarely had issues. I play defense. I don’t let things happen. The biggest thing I do is always protect the power. It could be said that that only protects the hardware. But the OS runs on the hardware. I use a UPS at home and use a small surge protector when traveling (my current laptop). My current machine (the laptop) is from 2009. Still works fine after the original free upgrade from Vista to 7. I skipped 8 and got the free upgrade to 10. No problems.
I agree though… if Linux were more friendly I would’ve gone to it long ago. I had a go once many years ago and it all just seemed so convoluted and totally hands-on. So I relinquish some for ease of use. Maybe things are easier now I don’t know.


I have 10 on my desktop and am only sometimes aggravated with it. My laptop I tried 10 on and went back to 7Pro. Also set it up as dual boot with Ubuntu on it, am very impressed with the latest version of Ubuntu. The only real problem I have had there is I don’t like the photo editing software available (Gimp) for Linux. For major editing I still use Adobe and quick editing use Photoscape.

Agree about keeping clean power to the machine, I have a Best ups that runs computer, Laserjet printer, monitors on and will keep everything going for a couple hours if there is a major power failure.

It is really to bad that there seems to be so many people trying to either hack or just create havoc with everyones computer. I hate malicious software!


Yeah the power thing…I once had a not particularly successful one-man computer-tech business. I was at a customer site doing another re-install after the customers system blew up yet again when I saw the lights go for a good dim. I suggested he get a UPS. He did. No more problems.