Why does this account keep bouncing back?


Why does this account keep bouncing back like a bad penny please? The whole account was deleted by @abram_bailey_aud sometime last year. Now it’s returned again?? Can anyone explain please? Emails have started arriving on this email as well??? I have my other account and don’t require 2 accounts. Can a moderator or anyone please help explain why? I’ve spent the last hour trying to delete the whole account but you don’t make it easy for someone that’s not 100% IT literate.


You cannot have a forum account without having a HearingTracker.com account… If you try to login to the forum without a HearingTracker.com account, one will be created to enable the forum login. The primary reason we tied the two systems together is to enable audiogram sharing here via HearingTracker.com’s audiogram system, but also to eventually help forum users highlight their HearingTracker.com content, like product and provider reviews. Of course you may change your HearingTracker.com notification preferences on HearingTracker.com if you prefer not to receive emails from HearingTracker.com, or we can just remove all your accounts, but this would obviously limit your access to the forum. Thanks!


You almost have the makings of a detailed Welcome email but the links all just go to the top of hearingtracker.com. <-- like this one.