Why do hearing aid batteries go flat in a week?


I’m going to stop using my Roger system for a week and see what my batteries do.


I’ve heard of people having to send their HAs in for repair when they get false battery warning beeps.

But always worth getting a new pack of batteries in case it’s the batteries.


Unless you are paying drug store prices, how much difference does it make? If you are paying high prices, buy them here at a reasonable price and support the board in the process.

Batteries should be an insignificant part of wearing aids.


Have you tried using a different brand of battery to see if you get the same results? Something must be turned on in addition to using the Roger system for 5 hours a day, When I use my Streamer for extended periods I only lose about a days use out of my #13’s.


I personally don’t pay for HA batteries as even tho my HAs are not from the National Health System (England), I still get my batteries from them.


As I get my batteries from the NHS, I’ve never used a different brand of batteries. I currently get PowerOne batteries free.


It might be worth it to buy a different brand of batteries and see if you get longer life than those you get from the NHS. Perhaps the NHS is giving out older batteries that have been sitting on the shelf for several years or they are just crappy batteries.,


You might be right about them sitting on the shelf for a long time. I can pick up my batteries from my local GP (Doctors) surgery and they’ve told me I’m the only one in my whole village (15000 people) that uses the 675 batteries.


It sounds like your getting stale batteries, at least the price is right!


I thought the hearing aid supply company sold out to the present web site operator this past year. I have no idea who runs this forum now. Because it is not user friendly like the previous operation, or the 4 or 5 other forums on various subjects i participate in – visit here infrequently.
I did buy my batteries from he previous operator - to show support.


That’s a good way to describe the site “not user friendly!”


Not sure what “user friendly” means in this context. The software does take some getting use to, I agree. But, management seems top shelf. They exhibit concern and are an informative addition over the old site. I am not denigrating the old site. Its hands-off approach wasn’t wrong and the site owner was generous in providing it for little remuneration.


I might not agree with all of his policies, but site owner is very involved and wants to make things better for everyone.


I also have Forte 8’s with size 13 batteries. I have been using Costco batteries with similar results. Streaming with the Resound TV streamer has some additional interesting results. Yesterday while streaming from the TV I received the low battery warning for the left aid and replaced the battery with another Costco battery. It turns out that I have a Powerone in the right aid. Today I got another low battery warning on the new left side battery after streaming for about 20 minutes. The right side Powerone battery remained strong.After another ten minutes the TV program switched to the all around program (I assume due to the low battery voltage). The low battery indication continued to show on the Iphhone app for about another 15 minutes and then went away (recovered). To me this indicates that the Costco batteries are inferior in the high current drain streaming situation. The Powerone battery remained solid during this entire episode. Too bad that I bought a supply of Costco batteries. The Powerone batteries came from Hearing Tracker for reviewing my previous hearing aids(Oticon Alta Pro).


I don’t remove the batts, just open the doors every night. I do have a heater that I should use more.
I try to keep my ears as wax free as possible. Doesn’t take much to clog up the filters on my domes, leading me to believe that the HA in my left ear (only) has a dead batt. Clean the dome and Walla! Problem gone.


I typically get about 7 days out of my 375 and 312 batteries.


I get 13 days without using my Roger system.


Thanks! Notable difference.


Definitely better, however you should still be getting 3 to 4 weeks out of a 675.