Why can I hear my radio through my Phonak Roger when it’s not connected to my radio?

I have a radio and TV.

I have connected my TV Link II to both my radio and TV.

I have my Roger connected to my TV only.

I turned on my Roger this morning and instead of turning on my TV, I turned on my radio my mistake.

To my surprise I can hear my radio through my Roger even tho it’s not connected to my radio.

It seems like the signal is travelling via the TV Link II even tho the TV Link isn’t turned on.

EDIT - I’m using audio cables and audio splitters. The audio splitters are on my TV Link II and on my TV.

This is the reason why Roger is effectively connected not only to your TV but also to your radio. You are using copper-cables, i.e. fullconductor (not just semiconductor). Electrons don’t mind walking the wrong direction as they are ment to do. Don’t you like your setup? This is pretty cool, isn’t it? :wink:

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It’s great! I just couldn’t get my head around how it worked. I’m happy as it means I have 2 x options to hear my TV and also my radio.

(Even tho I’ve got a working ear, I still prefer to listen to the radio or TV via my deaf ear and then hear my house mates other people via my good ear.)

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