Who or what is a preferred provider (and why should I care)?


I vote Audiologist 2. :grin:


What are your concerns?


OK, let me just say that if this was The Dating Game, I’d vote for bachelor #3, hands down! Not only did he sound knowledgeable and open to a very generous trial of both P and O brands, but he really took the time to explain your current hearing situation and what might work best. Sidebar: my hearing is probably far worse than yours, and I’ve never had T-coil implemented. I hear fine on the phone and feel I just don’t need that option.

Sharing your experience here is really valuable for us! And like you say - HOW can you possibly make the optimum purchase decision given your listening preferences without trying out at LEAST 2 or more models? Car sales always come with a test-drive. To think that we should plunk down $6K with just the advice of a hearing aid sales person is nuts. Ultimately, no matter what the REM shows, hearing is like seeing: much is in the ear of the beholder!

I’m slated to go in TODAY for my Phonak Marvel trial. Fingers crossed I’ll be happy with it as a step better than my current Audeo B-Directs. I totally agree with your #3 guy, who mentioned that P = RICH, Oticon = tinny (at least that’'s how the Opn sounded to me). The fact that #1 and #2 gals gloss over your desire to test more than one model would be a RED FLAG to me. Again, it sounds like they are pushing a particular brand, and dammit they know what’s best for you.

Nope. Go with your gut! Let us know what you decide.


My Hearing Centers is just starting up here. From what I can gather, they are a fast growing franchise and are buying up/partnering with many established audiology practices who want to sell out. If I’ve learned anything over the years it’s that a warranty or contractual promise is only as good as the company behind it – and MHC has no long-term evidence of practice. So my concern is based on their not-proven record of service or follow up, i.e. if they close up shop, I’m left with a piece of paper that has little value.

Okay, trust with unknowns is NOT my strong suit. :slight_smile:


Okay, I get that. But it sounds like if you go with option 1 or 2, they might just get bought out by MHC anyway. Is that right?


Well I have to say, your logic is very difficult to argue with. :thinking:



I place a pretty high value on education.


@Neville was option 2?


What would I look for in an audiologist - as I have severe profound sensinoneural loss I would be looking for -

  1. experience.
  2. Ability to fit multiple device brands.
  3. Not a practice that is aligned with just one devise company.
  4. Someone that’s prepared to sit and discuss, and give you options to try, not telling you this is what you need.
  5. Price and warranty as well.
    Good luck with your decision on where you go and what you end up getting.


No no, certainly not. I’m Canadian.