Who makes AccuQuest Brand Hearing Aids?

I purchased a pair of AccuQuest branded hearing aids. Wanted to know who makes these?

AccuQuest sells private-label versions of Bernafon products.

Is there any difference between the AccuQuest branded one and the Bernafon branded version?

No, they have the same features.

One last question. Are there any difference’s between the Bernafon branded aids and the Accuquest branded aids? Since these companies are owned by the same company

I cancelled the order on these hearing aids. Had a Stapedectomy on my Left ear two weeks ago. Had a Shea Prosthesis installed. Also had a Cholesteatoma removed from the same ear during the Stapedectomy surgery.
Might have to re-visit buying aids; these were $4,000.00 for a pair. Are they worth it?