Who else wears bone conduction hearing aids with thin their headbands and oscillators?

It must be very rare/low? I have been wearing them for about 35 years since I was little. I think all my hearing aids were from Oticon:

Sumo DM BTE since 6/12/2015
Three 380P from 9/2/1999 to 11/29?/2011
E38P and others before that.

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

If you don’t get much response, I think it would be very helpful if you would educate us a bit on how the bone conduction aids work and what your experience with them has been. And it would be great to hear a little more about you. How large is your conductive loss? Do you have sensorineural loss too? Do you wear two aids, or one?

I had a large conductive loss in one ear I struggled with for years. It was corrected by surgery last spring. I would have been very interested in a bone conduction aid, but no one told me they existed.

How is your Oticon aid different from a BAHA setup?

I doubt there will be many posts in here, but let’s start it. http://www.clivir.com/pictures/hearing_aid/boneconduct.jpg , from http://earcommunity.com/hearing-loss/baha-technology/baha-vs-bcha/ , is a good photo of mine looks like (different color) and with a telepin which I don’t use. BAHA requires an implant according to that link. I don’t use implants nor do I want them. You can see my details in Index of /~ant/antfarm/about/Hearing … My audiologist told me that bone conduction hearing aids are quite limited and not much changed for decades compared to BAHA?

I fitted a pair of Bruckhoff La belle BC specs last week to a guy with a worse loss than yours and way worse BC values. He has a problem with effusion on his one ear that hearing aids make worse.

Bruuckhoff have a new model range out pretty soon too. Well worth a punt with that kind of BC gap if you don’t fancy surgery. Make sure you get as stiff frames as you can and tension the vibrator against your head as much as you are comfortable with.

Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind in like 3-5 years when this one breaks or whatever. I wished they lasted longer since they are so expensive. Digital types cost so much more and seems worse compared to analog!! :frowning:

Heh, my hearing was bad since I was born (have other disabilities too). My audiologist told me mine was stable so that’s good. Yeah, my Oticon headbands are stiff types so I can adjust it. Although, this new one was a bit long and it would be too hassle to get it fixed. Oh well. One thing I like these external hearing aids is that I can remove them easily. I would hate the implants for cleaning since my head is always dirty (itchy and dandruffs!).

ant, thank you! This is fascinating.