Who else forgets the order of their hearing aid programs?

I don’t use my HA programs often (use EasyRoger everyday) but when I do I forget the order of them and I can’t always tell what program I’m on.

Found a solution to my problem as I always have my phone with me.

Simple but effective, a screensaver!! :joy:


but how do you remember which one it’s on?
Mine were set up for three programs originally
Autosense (which is actually a whole bunch of programs) (had a sing song beep indication)
a tinitus white noise setting (I think it was a double “beep-beep”
and T-Coil (I think it was the single “beep” tone.

Even with only three I hated it. sometimes I’d have to cycle through them all to find the “sing song” beep to know I was back at the autosense…then count 1 or 2 from there.

My last visit I asked for the tinitus program to be removed. never used it anyway.

Not me I only have the default program and has been all I need

That is a good idea. When I was using the rocker switch on my KS8’s I could remember the order, but I could not accurately count the beeps. There is no announcement of what the program is. I finally gave it up and use my iPhone to switch programs. Then there is no confusion as to what program you are in.

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That’s a bunch of programs but I do see the logic.
Tinkering with Roger has me wondering about more manual programs.

But, I sure want to get the automatic programs tuned right so I don’t have to mess with manual programs.

And all the long-presses on the Marvels are twice as long as they should be. Program switching is 2 seconds long press – THAT’S A LONG TIME. When you need to cycle through the programs a couple of times and you’re engaged in a conversation, it’s really distracting to both parties for a significant duration.

And turn-off/turn-on of the Marvel-R’s (rechargeable) is similarly way too long. 4 seconds, I believe.

And 7 seconds to put it in airplane mode. 7 SECONDS! Are they kidding?

I’ve narrowed my programs down to only two, “AutoSense OS 3.0” and “Music”. That makes it simple to cycle through them! :blush:

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I’m back to only 1 program, however when I was trying out different fitting formulae, I just labeled them in my smart phone app. Oticon ON, selected the program, rename with the formula name and away we go. From there it is a swipe down to see the banner and which program I’m on. Yeah, it pulling the phone out and manipulating it to find, so it does involve some doing, but worked well for the time.

The extra user-defined programs in the MyPhonak app don’t show up on the click-list – you can’t get to them by clicking the rocker switches on a Marvel, at least. In my case, I can only select the two extra programs that my audi set up. Neither the default extras, “Restaurant”, “Music”, and “TV”, nor the user-saved programs are selectable by the rocker.

This is good and bad. It limits the number that you have to remember while toggle-switching. But it also limits the number that you can get to without hauling out the phone and waiting for the !@#$% BLE to connect.

I’m using my automatic programs 99.9% of the time. I use Roger Ready / EasyRoger everyday as well.

The other programs I barely use but I do feel good that they are on my aids as I can’t self program right now.

I was in the car today going to the hospital. My automatic program preformed really well. I didn’t have any trouble hearing other people. I didn’t have to use Speech in 360 at all.


That’s one thing I do enjoy about these OPNs and the ON app. I’ve got no connection wait time for opening the app and connecting to the HAs. Even a swipe down, on unlocking shows immediately the volume setting and program.


How to set phone to do what you wrote?

I put oticon icon to the bottom left corner, phone icon in the middle and camera to the bottom-right. And always in silent mode by the side switch - of course :slight_smile:

I turned off the program selector sound in the HA’s because I can see this on the screen. I vill turning off the battery tones - this is a very disturbing style in a very often timing. I can see on the phone’s screen by 2.0’s pop-up screen and of course, never run out the batteries at once.

I’m using a Samsung Note 8 and in, app settings - notifications, I have Oticon On enabled for badges and notifications. So I have the ON icon along my top bar along with the clock and bluetooth, etc. and also on my lock screen. I’ll look for a way to upload screen shots of my phone and link them here to show and edit when I do.

Edit: settings screen, swipe down from home screen, in the swipe down from the home screen, in the top left, you can see the little Oticon bubble. This is always there, no matter what program I have loaded. I also have the same icon on my lock screen.

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I have iPhone SE. :slight_smile:

I took a pic of the audiologist’s settings page…

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I always forget the order, and when I want to use it I never have the bit of paper they have given to me with it all typed out nicely… :roll_eyes:

I have four programs.
1 Normal
2 Restaurant
3 Tinnitus
4 Car

Great system but it is ridiculous that hearing aid manufacturers don’t use spoken prompts for programme changes. Widex has been using spoken prompts in dozens of different languages for years on all of their hearing aids no matter what the technology level. You press the button and the aids announce the programme you are in. I never understood why the other manufacturers didn’t do it.


Yes, I miss that when I changed brands. Hopefully,
Signia will adopt it with the merger. I know Widex adopted their mics from what I’ve heard.

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Yes mine are Audibel and they do exactly that.