White battery corrosion... what causes this?

Does anyone have a good understanding as to why hearing aid batteries tend to corrode with the white substance?

I have a patient that it keeps happening to, but i don’t know why.


Not one single reply? Nobody knows?

I would guess that it has to do with moisture mixing with the zinc oxide causing it to corrode. If your patient doesn’t have a D & S they might solve the problem buy getting one and using it every night.

step 1. to find out whether your patient got a whole box defective cells

to ask him/her to purchase another brand new cell, and try it again.

step 2. if the new cell not work

to ask the patient how long the battery life is. if the battery life is too short, the HA could drain too much power and need to examine the circuit board as well as the impedance of receiver.

step 3. environmental issues

if the battery life is normal, ask him/her where the cell is when the HA is not in using (i.e. at night when sleeping).

after all of this, if you still can not get it, lend him a new HA (same brand same model), let’s see whether it will happen again.