Whisper: Reimagining Hearing

“Using a chip with 1,000 times the power of your typical hearing aid and a connection to your phone, the Whisper Hearing System receives continual software updates to get better and better over time.”


Sounds like a dream.
$139 a month for a 3 year lease.

Can only American citizens access the test or also those of other nations?

Another Whisper article, this one from TechCrunch. It will be $179 after the limited time $139/mo offer expires. $179 x 36 (# months in 3 years) = $6,444 - and you don’t even own the HA’s, you’re just leasing them. So a typical 5 year cost (the expected serviceable lifetime of most HA’s) would be $10,740. So they’d better be d - - m good… for that kinda money! Presumably insurance covers the leasing aspect, too, or they wouldn’t have gone with that.

And the other thing is that you still have that separate “brain” hardware box that you have to carry around.

If the Whisper system is way better than the current top-of-the-line HAs, would I pay $179 per month for rental? Absolutely YES! I can’t wait to read the first customer reviews on this forum.

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why would you presume that insurance would cover this?, many plans wont pay zilch towards aids in the first place

Espionage device that sends the data to the mothership? I doubt it would be approved by many employers to use around their premises.

Yes, our phones spy on us and record things, but apple, samsung, google have serious security set up around our data, and still leaks happen. So far, nothing of such importance like full recordings of our talks with people.

And there are recommendations not to have phones with you when you’re discussing trade secrets.

For those who didn’t notice how ads on youtube and other places change depending on what you’re talking about with your colleagues at a lunch that day.

I like my devices dumb - no internet for them. Only device that has it is robot vacuum, but the model without any camera, only laser that works on 9cm from the floor plane.

Hearing aids that automatically use internet, don’t make me happy.

Aids that record my talks and send that ‘to improve the usage’, definitely wouldn’t make me happy.

No concrete info how their model works, also, not making me happy. Machine learning models can be unintentionally taught wrongly.

And at the end of the day, it might do better noise cancelling, but it’s all still going through my damaged cochlea and my comprehension still depends on my brain.

Currently there’s some help for noisy situations by using external mics, so, we’re already keen on bring additional device if that helps.

Did those folks created something better than what good mics can do, let’s see.

If tech is good, someone will grab it and improve security, hopefully.

I’m also looking forward to see what Elon Musk will do with those brain implants, or someone else, to completely skip damaged cochlea and nerves all together. Which will also come with own bunch of red flags, and we’ll have to think for ourselves what is worth of which price to pay (including non cash price as well).