Which to buy



I have read all the tags on Oticon opn and costco, so here is my questions.
should I buy the new OPN from Oticon, or the costco brand.
My hearing specilist sold me AGXO h330 by audigy and told me they are the same as Otican, I have had them now 3 years and am looking for an upgrade, and now with reading all these tags on here, I am wondering if they the AGXO where are really Oticon


I’d say it depends a lot on you. Have you been happy with your current hearing aids and your relationship with your hearing specialist. Is the cost a financial burden? If you’re happy and money is no issue, no reason to change. If money is an issue, I’d definitely check out Costco. Your hearing aids are likely made my Oticon. The biggest issue with sellers like Audigy is that you can be locked into them as many providers won’t be able to adjust your hearing aids.


I have just had the Opticon 2’s for 10 days on a demo. I just purchased the Costco Signature 8 yesterday. So far, the Signature 8’s are perfectly fine. And they were $3,000 less. And the warranty is better as there is no co-pay if you lose/destroy an aid during the warranty period. With Opticon, one would have to pay $300 for replacements. Also the Costco has a 180 day, bring it back for full refund if not satisfied. You really have nothing to lose with going with the Kirkland Signature 8.0 Also, if you didn’t already know these are made by Rexton.


AGXO hearing aids are manufactured by Oticon. H330 is Alta Pro, and H330v2 is Alta2 Pro. If you’re happy with the service provided by your hearing specialist, he/she can sell you the G500, which is the same as Opn 1.